Aristotle’s Trail Open To The Public

    Athos_1According to Greek Travel Pages, Aristotle’s Walk,’ the first of eight historically-based walks in the Greek peninsula of Chalkidiki, was presented to the public by the Mount Athos Area Organization, a tourism promotion group in northern Greece.

    The trail of Aristotle, as Greek Travel Pages (GTP) website reports, starts from the EU-recognized Natura 2000 network at Aristotle’s Grove and the Ottoman-era mines and ends at the ancient Stageira in Olympiada, his motherland.

    The trail’s distance is 22 kilometers and includes plenty of shade paths of the Aristotelian Mountain and dominates the sea, the Akanthian and Strymonic Gulfs. The trail was introduced and promoted to walkers as an ‘environmental tour and historical walk.

    In accordance with the Mount Athos Area Organization, Aristotle’s Walk will be presented to international markets and tourists. The first will be at the World Travel Market in London this November. In 2014, the next seven trails in the Chalkidiki peninsula will be presented. The second route to be introduced will be Xerxes Walk.


    1. I welcome the introduction of an Aristotelian path in the area the great philosopher lived. I strongly support arranging memorials in Athens in places where once the Lyceum and Plato’s Academy where located.