Wild Brawl: Golden Dawn vs. Communists

67683A924C41A2669020895A38A16BB1A street fight erupted outside the shipbuilding and repair zone in Perama, a port suburb of Piraeus, when officials said members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party tried to prevent members of the KKE Communist party from putting up posters to mark the 39th festival of the KKE.

Seven people were reported hurt in the melee the night of Sept. 12. The official newspaper of KKE, Rizospastis, claimed that the Communists were victims of an unprovoked attack by 30 to 50 people wearing helmets and Golden Dawn T-shirts and holding iron bars and rods.

Rizopastis said the victims also suffered broken glasses and claimed that their cars were damaged. There were about 30 KKE members, it said.



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