Wild Brawl: Golden Dawn vs. Communists

67683A924C41A2669020895A38A16BB1A street fight erupted outside the shipbuilding and repair zone in Perama, a port suburb of Piraeus, when officials said members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party tried to prevent members of the KKE Communist party from putting up posters to mark the 39th festival of the KKE.

Seven people were reported hurt in the melee the night of Sept. 12. The official newspaper of KKE, Rizospastis, claimed that the Communists were victims of an unprovoked attack by 30 to 50 people wearing helmets and Golden Dawn T-shirts and holding iron bars and rods.

Rizopastis said the victims also suffered broken glasses and claimed that their cars were damaged. There were about 30 KKE members, it said.



  1. Bullies and thugs! That’s all they are. Their mommies didn’t pay enough attention to them when they were young. Or they were dropped on their heads repeatedly as infants which caused them to join the Golden Dawn party.

  2. Golden Dawn is trying to prevent their country from being overran by the same illegal Muslim immigration that has destroyed Europe and the George Soros funded Communists and Anarchists are fighting Golden Dawn over it. That’s the truth of it.

  3. Hail Golden Dawn ! Greece’s last chance to liberate itself from the JWO, and to once again be the great Nation it deserves to be . You are an inspiration to us all. Keep it up, and bash the commies’ heads !

    14/88 from Romania

  4. GD members are scroungers from the Greek State. If they were hard working people they would either be working or looking for a job. They collect hand-outs from the State, engage in treasonous activity such as ruining Greece’s international image and attractiveness as an investment destination (the Communists are guilty of this one too), dress up like homos with their tight T-shorts and shaven heads and go and beat up defenceless people. The bottom of an Indian slum cesspit contains more intelligent creatures than them.

  5. All you people giving thumbs up tp GD…this is the way you wish to see disputes settled in Greece? Violence and thuggery? I am absolutely disgusted by this attack. Shame on all of you who condone it.

  6. First of all you have no clue what a ‘Nazi’ is. Secondly, the violence prone leftists most likely got exactly what they deserved. It’s just too bad you weren’t one of them.

  7. Odd. I’m looking at a headline that says PAOK attacked a Golden Dawn headquarters building. Shut your pie hole.

  8. This thread has been taken over by Golden Dawners and White Priders. There’ll be no discussion here…. just insults and hatred. I’ll leave you to your hate party.

  9. KKE is full of Degenerate hippie Scumbags, just like the RICH fat Communist that got slapped.
    The new world order loves airhead globalist like the KKE, Nationalism is Europes only Cure!

  10. Get used to the idea of the Social Nationalist Golden Dawn and their fellow White nationalists across Europe and all European founded nations taking over everything in the Western World. The future belongs to us!

    “They haven’t understood that when we have the power we will be merciless.” — Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

  11. Chldren!. . Children! It’s time to come in from recess now. Stop fighting and show your civility once more.

    I think the young involved here are just plain bored–they’r instinctively looking for a war. We do that sort of thing (war) every couple of generations whether we need it or not. Hooliganism is deep rooted in our psyche. Too bad we are so forgetful of history.

  12. Golden Dawn member Yiorgos Mastoras was very clear when he said:

    “It is time for you to understand that the streets now belong completely to us, without a hint of retreat. You can change your mind and walk on our path, on the road of Nature, Power, and Human History. Do it, or else vanish from our sight, because WE, the Strong, will crush you like worms”.

  13. Yes. And then when we send all the scumbags of Europe to the gas chambers–we will just have wonderful people like Mr. Zultra running the world. Deja vu!

  14. Your fat homo boss Michalololoikis will be mercilessly hunted down and will be handed over to Afghanistan for a gang rape by the entire Taliban.

  15. twopenceworth:

    Don’t lose your hope for a more sane world. You just happened to slip into a den of testasterone-challenged males who feel somehow insecure in this competitive world for money and territory. They are no different than fanatics who throw bottles at the opposite fans at a football match. They are the marginalized radical right, scared shitless of the marginalized left. But they will always remain the minority–though noisy and violent at times.

    A saner, more rational world will prevail, in spite of their senseless bravado. There is a “silent majority” they will have to recon with under the rule of law.

    Take heart your intelligence and more loving up-bringing.

  16. I stand with the Golden Dawn. KKE does nothing for Greeks, only immigrants. GD is the only party that helps the true Greek workers and unemployed.

  17. Why do all of the followers of Jewish co opted leftism, such as yourself, have a morbid fascination with sexual torture?

  18. I have yet to see a picture of a Golden Dawn member that I would consider “testosterone challenged”. The Golden Dawn is simply doing what the Jewish co-opted left has been doing to normal white Europeans for the last seventy years. Kicking their asses!

  19. By the way, this wasn’t exactly an unprovoked attack like they want to
    make it sound. Perama, the area where this happened, is a working class
    suburb that the marxists succesfully pimped for decades. Most of the
    people work in the nearby shipyards and just recently Golden Dawn
    founded a nationalist union there for the Greek workers. The marxists
    are panicked cause they are loosing another stronghold and there was
    tension in the area during the last weeks. Sadly for them, the Greek
    workers are waking up and no longer fall for the “need for class
    strugle” while the -beloved by the left- low paid immigrants are
    stealing their jobs.

  20. I wrote a reply to you to thank you for your reply and I got moderated. With all the hate spewed on here and I’m the one who gets my comments moderated? How does that make sense? Anyway, thank you for your comment. I needed to hear that.

  21. The communists always take their clues from the Jews ,like them they are always complaining like little girls when they are beaten, when they win they become arrogant bastids just like their teachers

  22. When this violent scumbag is doing the kicking and clubbing it’s accepted but now that he is on the receiving end he is crying foul.

  23. Transference of depravity there is no difference between a communist and and Jew ,the former get his finances from the latter,that`s how it works

  24. Yes I am homo sapien (look it up). You, my atavistic friend are a Neanderthal–who by the way went extinct as a species because of their stupidity. Unlike you, I don’t need to equate my “maleness” with violence to feel adequate.

    But you go on thinking you’re OK and the world’s screwed up. It’s all part of your personality disorder.

  25. Poor baby. Sorry, but we’re taking over everywhere; you had your fun in the sun, now go climb back under your rock like good little sheepie.

  26. Don’t worry once us “white priders” take over, we will load you Marxists into trucks and dump you into center of diversity towns and let the turd worlders tear you to pieces, before deporting them.
    That way, you can enjoy your last days by experiencing the diversity utopia you’re trying to build. It would be poetic justice.

  27. It’s the leftist that look sterile and castrated. When I see those pansies, their asexual faces, I doubt they ever experienced an erection.
    It goes hand in hand with their hatred of reality and natural order. These freaks want revenge for being born.

  28. ^ No no, we’ll make a deal. We will ship all the diversity to Israel. That way, us evil white Europeans will be denied of this great strength called turd worlders, and you get to enjoy it. While we suffer without it.
    Deal mister Goldstein?

  29. The good guy won, what’s the big deal. 30 commies got beaten by 30 Golden Dawners. So commies lost an even fight. LMAO.
    Do leftist ever win on an even fight? Why does leftist politics always attract the weak, the perverts, the ugly, the degenerate?

  30. Europe is the ancestral homeland of the Indigenous White European people! The Marxist EU bureaucrats, and their Jewish handlers are fully intent on ethnically cleansing the Indigenous White European people, and replacing them with scores of millions of 3rd World immigrants. When Native White Europeans object to being replaced, in their own ancestral European homelamds, by the imported subhuman hordes of Asia and Africa, they are accused of “hate speech”, by Marxist vermin.
    The Social Nationalist Golden Dawn in Greece is fighting to prevent international Jewry’s nightmarish plan to for an artificially imported 3rd World MultiCULTural Europe. Golden Dawn is unrelenting. The time is fast approaching when Golden Dawn will govern Greece, and then the light of Hellenism, and Social Nationalism, shall spread in a domino effect across Europe, in a Pan-European Golden Dawn!

  31. You are living in a Hitler-esque delusional world. Enforced racial supremacy and “ethnic-cleansing” has never worked. The world is just too diverse. I am not Jewish. I am not an illegal immigrant in Greece. I am not from Africa or the Middle East. I am not a supporter of Islam. Yet I know the world is in flux. Your ideology is extreme and dangerous. It is more anarchistic than constructive. You will only end up dying yourself in some racial battle to “clean up the streets.” And do you really want to only exist with people with your own deranged mentality? What happens when you step out of line with them?