Lyceum Club of Greek Women Celebrates 102 Years

main4_2186_lykeio-frontFive years after its last appearance, the Lyceum Club of Greek Women is returning to the Odeon of Herodes Atticus (the stone theater structure located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis of Athens) on Sept 21, with a show combining  music and theater.

The show will include dances and songs based on the love and the relation between ordinary people and nature. The whole show has been organized by the teacher and researcher of traditional dances Lefteris Drandakis. Animals-symbols play the main parts expressing through the Greek traditional folk song (dimotiko tragoudi), thoughts and meanings that man could not or wasn’t allowed to say directly and were  expressed through lyrics using nature’s beloved creatures.

The Lyceum Club of Greek Women was founded in 1911 by the pioneer of the Greek feminist movement Kalliroi Parren, who through her militant literature, through the pages of the Newspaper of the Ladies gave her own battle against the illiteracy of Greek women. She founded Sunday schools, evening schools and training schools through which she supported Greek women’s rights to education and work.

Today, the Lyceum Club of Greek Women preserves its dynamic presence, fights for the promotion of Greek tradition as well as volunteering in an attempt to connect its long experience in social activity and the management of cultural heritage with scientific knowledge. It organizes lessons of traditional dances, percussion, choir, painting, Greek language for Greek women who live abroad or foreign women who live and work in Greece. At the same time, it carries out seminars, publications and dance group appearances in Greece and abroad.

The activities of the Lyceum Club of Greek Women are not limited within the region of Athens, but are developed around the entire country as the Lyceum has 51 branches, one in every regional unit of Greece and 16 offices abroad with one common aim, preserving and promoting the Greek cultural heritage.


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