SDOE Reveals Monastery Fraud

MONASTHRI_602_355Inspectors from Greece’s financial crimes squad SDOE said they have uncovered a scheme of 10 monasteries involving black money and fake documents to attain subsidies fraudulently.

According to Greek media reports, the revelations of the Financial Crime Unit (SDOE) complement cases of fraud against the state with fake invoices. Thousands of farmers, pensioners, businessmen, inmates and priests star in these cases.

The investigations of the Financial Crime Unit revealed, among others, that the Monastery of Simonos Petra of Mount Athos, showed a fake invoice of 600,000 euros, which was issued in the name of a prisoner, who was in the Diavata Prison and the monastery presented him as a contractor of the restoration project.

SDOE also discovered that another monastery in Crete is involved in the fake invoices scandal. This monastery was included in a community program in order to receive the subsidy. According to the findings the monastery’s documentation was fake invoices amounting to 270,000 euros.

It was also revealed that the priest has issued fake invoices of 150,000 euros for nonexistent transactions.

According to the investigations, many monasteries had received EU subsidies for renovation having presented large amounts of expenditure.

SDOE is also investigating the funds of many parishes, where there’s evidence of black money traffic, as well as several cases of monasteries, where the priests rent outdoor spaces to peddlers for feasts. In most of these cases, the priests issue documentation of the lease with amounts that are three times lower than the actual price paid by the peddlers.


  1. Once again the Greek Orthodox Church proves itself to be the example to follow by the people.

  2. Come on, guys they’re just trying their best to be like the rs of us. . . Don’t take ALL their fun away. . . “