25% Increase in Urban Transportation

EISITHRIOOO_533_355An increase of 25 percent was announced for urban transport tickets, which will be implemented from October.

The extension that was given last March will expire in October and the Troika demands an increase in tickets, as it does not accept the fact anymore that the state budget will continue to be burdened with grants.

Apart from the 25 percent ticket price increase, it seems that the single one-and-a -half hour ticket will be replaced with a one-way single ticket.

If the increases that have been announced are implemented, then the price of the €1,40 ticket for all means of transport will be formed at €1,75; the equivalent ticket for buses, trolley buses or trams, which currently costs €1,20 will be increased at €1,50.

As far as reduced tickets are concerned, the increased by 25 percent prices will be €0,90 and €0,75 respectively.


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