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Angry Kammenos Storms Off TV (video)

Backpedaling in the face of criticism and a pending probe into his comments that a mayor in northern Greece who supports a gold mine project should be lynched, Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos walked off a TV program on Sept. 17 as he was being questioned.

“You are in no danger of violence from the Independent Greeks,” the head of the anti-bailout, nationalist party said in the interview on Star when asked about the comment he made in regard to Aristoteli Mayor Christos Pachtas.

Kammenos denied that he meant to incite violence with his comment, saying that he meant that Pachtas should be “lynched politically,” not literally. “I invite the prosecutor to lynch me,” Kammenos said. “I will waive my immunity, but I will also ask that the prosecutor investigates what is going on with the water in Skouries,” the area of the gold mine project.

Kammenos was responding to a question regarding a probe that will be launched by a prosecutor into his comments, which came after protesters in Thessaloniki over the weekend told him that they suspect their drinking water to be contaminated with arsenic coming from the gold mine in Skouries, Halkidiki, in northern Greece.

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