Apostolos Andreas Monastery To Be Restored

Apostolos_Adreas_cyprusOn September 2013, the final agreement for the restoration of the historical Apostolos Andreas Monastery in Karpasia, in the occupied part of Cyprus, was signed.

The restoration will be realized according to the plans of the University of Patras and its cost is estimated to be 5 to 6 million euros.

It is estimated that the invitation to tender will be made by the end of the month and the works will start in December, if possible.

The first phase of the project will focus on the core, which is the church along with the cells. The second phase will involve the medieval small church. In the third phase, there will be works on the northern side of the buildings and finally, the fourth stage, involves the surroundings.

The Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of Karpasia, Nicos Falas, stated that this is a very important day for the Monastery, as well as for Rizokarpaso, Hellenism and Orthodoxy. He hopes that there won’t be any more impediments and unfounded excuses for any further delay in the restoration of the monastery.