Barroso Says Greece Making Progress, Must Stick to Bailout

Barrozo_SamarasEconomic recovery is on the cards in Greece, according to European commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, but short-tern economic recovery will continue to be difficultfor the Greek people.
He was speaking in Brussels on 17 September, following a meeting with Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras.
Both men discussed recent developments in Greece’s financial assistance program, as well as the upcoming Greek presidency of the European Council, which begins in January.
Greece’s current economic state was the primary discussion. Samaras recounted the strides that have been made in structural reform, while Barroso praised the hard work and perseverance that the country has shown.
“In the short term, it can be painful,” Barroso said. “But the commission continues to believe this is essential.”
Barroso recalled how, just a year ago, many believed that Greece would have to leave the euro, and now that will not be the case.
(source: neurope)