Greece Debt Free Donates 2M Euros

newego_LARGE_t_1101_54186629_type12128Greece Debt Free, a website set up with the intention of getting contributions to wipe out Greece’s $390 billion debt and pay for years of wild overspending by successive governments, made a two million euros ($2.6 million) donation on Sept. 17 to the government, falling $389,997,400,000 short of its goal.

Greece said it would apply the money toward debt reduction although there was no guarantee.

Deputy Finance Minister Christos Staikouras signed a Ministerial Decision, according which, the Greek state accepts the donation of the Greek bonds. He thanked the site’s originators for convincing Greeks around the world to send money to help their homeland.

Even if, in the end, it was mostly a symbolic effort given the minimal value of the money raised, he said that, “such initiatives reveal the timeless power of Hellenism.”



  1. Use the money to lend to small business. The banks aren’t lending and all the current monies collected goes to pay off German and French banker’s gambling losses that were transferred to Greece against the constitution. The 2 million won’t put a dent in the debt because the debt keeps expanding due to derivatives.

  2. Strange how this was not mentioned on any of the tv news channels.
    Who the hell got the money???