Leftist’s Murder Sparks Outrage Against Golden Dawn

Killing-Leftist-Golden-DawnGreek police are investigating the stabbing death of a 34-year-old hip-hop artist that leftist groups said was killed by a gang of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn members who critics say travel in packs to assault immigrants and their perceived foes.

There are contradicting reports as to what happened to lead to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, an anti-fascist who died early on Sept. 18 after a confrontation said to have been started by an argument at a cafe over a soccer match between Olympiakos and Paris St. Germain.

Police said they had arrested a 45-year-old Golden Dawn member for the killing but didn’t reveal his name. They raided Golden Dawn’s offices later in the morning and said the suspect confessed to the killing and being a member of the neo-Nazis but then a later report said the suspect asked his wife to toss out his party membership card, which authorities said they found in a garbage bin at his house.

Golden Dawn immediately denied any connection, but the incident inflamed tension just as a 48-hour general strike was underway by labor unions angry over austerity measures and the coming of scores of thousands of public workers.

Police said the suspect left the cafe but returned and attacked the victim with a gang, overwhelming him.

It was reported he told them the name of his attacker before losing consciousness while being taken to the hospital where he died shortly thereafter. Fyssas had been part of the Greek hip-hop scene since 1997 and performed under the name Killah P.

Speaking on SKAI radio, Keratsini Mayor Loukas Tzannis also said the death was started by an altercation at the cafe and that witnesses identified the gang as Golden Dawn members. Tzannis also said that Fyssas’s attackers were members of the far right.

The anti-capitalist party ANTARSYA and the Communist Party condemned the incident, blaming Golden Dawn for the victim’s death and claiming that Fyssas was targeted because of his anti-fascists activity.

Petros Constantinou, a spokesman for ANTARSYA, alleged that there had been no quarreling prior to the incident, but that a group of anti-fascists were attacked by about 40 members of Golden Dawn outside the cafe.

He also claimed on SKAI radio that the attack occurred in the presence of Dias police units who watched and did nothing. Golden Dawn is believed to have links to the police and with many sympathizers in law enforcement.

Police raided the offices of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party Wednesday following a fatal stabbing by a man who authorities said admitted being involved in the party, the most serious instance of violence attributed to the extremist group.

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris, whose parliamentary immunity has been stripped so he can be tried on criminal charges, denied his party’s involvement in the incident and said that the party would respond with lawsuits. He told SKAI that there were no political motives behind the attack and that opponents were unjustly accusing the party of creating “a climate of polarization and war”.

The party, whose senior members have expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler although they deny being a neo-Nazi group, won nearly 7 percent of the vote in general elections last year. Support has since risen to around 12 percent according to recent opinion polls.

Golden Dawn members and supporters, often clearly identifiable in black T-shirts and combat trousers, have been blamed for numerous violent attacks, mostly against dark-skinned migrants, in cities across the country.

There have also been clashes and fights between suspected party members and anti-fascist or left-wing group supporters. Although injuries have been caused in the past, they have not been fatal until now.

“I am shaken by the event,” said Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias. He said the killing and recent violent incidents involving the party, along with name-calling in Parliament, “shows in the clearest possible way the intentions of the neo-Nazi creation.”

Earlier, before police announced that the suspect had identified himself as being in the party, Kasidiaris described the stabbing as a “heinous crime” and denied any party involvement. Later, party lawmaker Michalis Avranitis said the victim and the suspect had initially had an argument about a soccer match that was playing on TV in the cafe.

The attacker then apparently left the cafe, returning later and stabbing Fyssas. “Yes, this man, as it turns out, has declared himself to be a member of Golden Dawn. But Golden Dawn has 1 million supporters. If in a restaurant, two drunken idiots have a fight and someone is stabbed, should we look at their ideology and blame that?” Avranitis said.

Witnesses at the cafe told Greek media that the attacker had left and later returned with a group of other men, whom they considered to be Golden Dawn supporters from the way they were dressed.

“We call on all political forces to raise a barrier to the vicious cycle of tension and violence,” said government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou. “Democracy needs stability, cohesion and responsibility from all.”



  1. So, the so-called protectors of Greek people have moved on to attacking and killing Greeks. When will this violent and hateful climate end?

  2. This violence will end when our corrupt politicians leave and replaced by honest lawmakers who strive to take the country to the road of prosperity…What is happening is Greece is caused by our corrupt politicians from the past through today’s date…Lack of justice will lead to more violence…

  3. It’s all such a shame because the country is so awesome and distinct. As an outsider visiting last year my observation for the problems was mainly that there does not seem to be consistent application of law and social participation with ownership and tax – the three loudest political factions are all so extreme. Foreign investment or support is difficult when the hostel I stayed at for instance had no legal papers. Once things like that are adjusted and standardized, there is no reason for the place to not prosper with such a clever population that mostly seems to also know English. Athens could be the next Berlin some day. -tarotworldtour.wordpress.com

  4. What a disgrace SYRIZA, New Democracy, PASOK, KKE, DIMAR, & ANEL are.
    A simple fight between a group of men following a football game, resulting in the death of an anti-hellenic promoter of degenerate rap music, and the above mentioned corrupt an desperate politicial parties try to generalize and lay the blame for the leftist rappers death on the Golden Dawn political party.
    So if a leftist anarchist burns a bank and incinerates some bank clerks like they did in Athens in 2010, does SYRIZA get the blame?
    Even if the man who stabbed the leftist degenerate is a Golden Dawn sympathiser, that doesn’t mean you can pin the stabbing on Golden Dawn as a political party.

    (the same negro rap that has led to a violent gang culture in the USA).

  5. Golden Dawn MP Michalis Avranitis said the victim and the suspect had a brawl over a football match on TV.

    “Yes, this man, as it turns out, has declared himself to be a member of Golden Dawn. But Golden Dawn has 1 million supporters. If in a restaurant, two drunken idiots have a fight and someone is stabbed, should we look at their ideology and blame that.” said Golden Dawn MP Michalis Avranitis.


  6. you pathetic little nazi. yes syriza did get the blame as exhibited here on these boards and elsewhere many times even though the perpetrators, besides the bank employees who neglected to institute any security measures and were arrested and charged for such, were never caught or associated with any political group. why is rap music for degenerates? because you’re a racist white supremacist nazi scumbag? maybe rap music in the US rose from the violent gang culture that arose from the remnants of the civil war and the civil rights movement and the suppression of the black man over decades, not the other way around.

    a simple fight huh? didn’t know simple fights result in stabbings and the death of a 34 yr old.

    thanks for proving though why this man was killed by Greece’s anti-hellenci nazi party Golden Dawn who praises hitler:

    “death of an anti-hellenic promoter of degenerate rap music” -MSMlies

    not to mention you never once heard his music nor would you be able to understand it.



  7. In an article published in 1987 in the Golden Dawn magazine titled “Hitler for 1000 years”, its editor Michaloliakos showed his support for Nazism and white supremacy.[ Specifically he wrote, “We are the faithful soldiers of the National Socialist idea and nothing else” and “[…] WE EXIST, and continue the battle, the battle for the final victory of our race”.He ends the article by writing “1987, 42 years later, with our thought and soul given to the last great battle, with our thought and soul given to the black and red banners, with our thought and soul given to the memory of our great Leader, we raise our right hand up, we salute the Sun and with the courage, that is compelled by our military honor and our National Socialist duty we shout full of passion, faith to the future and our visions: HEIL HITLER!”. Furthermore he uses capital letters for pronouns referring to Hitler (“by Himself”, “His people”).



    “There were no ovens — it’s a lie. I believe it’s a lie. There were no gas chambers either,’ Michaloliakos, golden dawn’s nazis leader, said in an interview with Greece’s private Mega television, broadcast on Sunday.

  8. “Κατά την διάρκεια της ανάκρισης του στην Ασφάλεια, ο 45χρονος Γ.Ρ. ο οποίος μαχαίρωσε και σκότωσε τον 34χρονο, παραδέχθηκε πως τον πήραν τηλέφωνο για να πάει στο «φονικό ραντεβού».
    Σύμφωνα με αστυνομικές πηγές, ένας από τους συμμετέχοντες στο επεισόδιο πήρε τηλέφωνο τον Γ.Ρ. προκειμένου να μεταβεί στην οδό Παναγή Τσαλδάρη όπου έγινε το επεισόδιο με την τραγική κατάληξη.

    Ο δράστης, ο οποίος είναι πατέρας ενός παιδιού παραδέχθηκε πως ανήκει στη Χρυσή Αυγή και μάλιστα είπε στους άνδρες της Ασφάλειας πως επισκεπτόταν πέντε με έξι φορές την εβδομάδα τα γραφεία του ακροδεξιού κόμματος.”


  9. Gd seem to be extremists but where are the voices of protest of the left when it comes time to denouncing violence and extremism of some on left.since when are communists like syriza and kke ‘moderates’. Has everyone forgotten the greeks murdered by treasonous far leftist fanatics for imro during civil war?

  10. Any greek that supports violence against another greek (whether on left or right) belongs in prison.

  11. Yeah, this leftist promoter of degenerate rap music who called himself KILLAH P seems like such a peaceful person. Even the pseudonym he went by “KILLAH P” tells us what a wonderfull peaceloving person he was.
    Much like the vicious Communist thug Poulikogiannis,who enjoys a role as executive within KNE of PAME and the Greek Communist Party.
    S. Poulikogiannis, is now being touted in the Greek and international media as a “victim of Golden Dawn fascism” and a “poor but honest fighter for the rights of the people”.

  12. Actually SYRIZOA did get the blame for siding with anarchists. On this site, I said that several times and gave links to SYRIZOA connection and sympathy to anarchists.

    You can argue that SYRIZOA are not getting enough blame for fermenting strikes and low level violence, but if you are murdering people, that’s a different level.

    Nobody cared if you beat on commies, to most of us, it’s stupid versus stupid (sorry), but murder based on ideological hate is too much.

  13. You’re right, but most of those who murdered in the civil war are either dead or toothless. And trust me, a lof of them were summarily executed during and after.

    We can’t fight old wars all the time. As a background, yes, but it can’t drive our actions forever.

    The problem is that GD leadership is not smart enough to use their increasing popularity to good purpose. Few other then hard core who supports their anti-immigrant stance will support murder. If GD goes down the paths of murder, those of us on the right who ignored the rhetoric and fighting, even amused by the knee jerking it’s causing, will be forced to turn against GD.

  14. SYRIZOA and GD are creations of the crisis. Both of them would be in the newspapers pages one uses when one runs out of toilet paper (yes, I’m cheap!) had it not been for the population turning towards extremism as an answer.

  15. Golden Dawn is the only hope fore Greece, do you want to be ruled by filthy rat faces under crushing usury forever ? Do you like being ruled by degenerate hook nosed rats ? Every nation needs a Golden Dawn.

  16. When dumb involves traumatic shock it’s hard to see the dumb. That’s a major strength of the Holocaust myth of movie scripts of the lampshade story and of the Nuremberg shrunken head presentation. There was a struggle between the jews and the Nazis and the jews won. That’s why jews are portrayed in movies as the greatest people on earth and the Nazis the worst. Following the rise of Hitler there were no more than 4 million Jews at most living in areas occupied by the Third Reich at the height of its power. Yet on June 30, 1965, the West German government announced that some 3,375,000 Jewish holocaust “survivors” had applied for reparations money. The International Red Cross had already reported in 1946 that of registered Jewish camp inmates no more than 300,000 could have died, and their audit to December 31, 1984 records a total 282,077 registered deaths of all internees in all German Concentration Camps from all causes.

  17. What about the outrage against PASOK & New Democracy running this Government of Thieves, Liars & Crooks who created all these problems with GD & SYRIZA by the PASOK & ND’s years of corruption and mismanagement of Greece?
    1.) Why isn’t Venizelos in jail for hiding the Legarde List for 2 years in his home?
    2.) Why isn’t Papconstantiou in jail for removing his relatives name on the List?
    3.) What about PASOK & ND owning 250 million Euros to the Banks in loans they have not paid back yet?

    It seems to me the Gov’t and Press is using Golden Dawn as a “distraction” to take our attention away from the massive Crimes these two corrupt Parties have committed as well as Treason against the whole Greek nation after 30 years of corrupt rule… Wake up the the ruse People, ND & PASOK love this sick game!

  18. “OUTRAGE?” What about the criminals from PASOK & New Democracy running this Government of Thieves, Liars & Crooks who created all these problems today? It was PASOK & ND who created GD and the Far Left by their corrupt rule and mismanagement of Greece. (Akis is one example)

    1.) Why isn’t Venizelos in jail for hiding the Legarde List 2 years in his home?
    2.) Why isn’t Papconstantiou in jail for removing his relative’s names on the List?
    3.) What about PASOK & ND owing 250 million Euros to the Banks in loans they have not paid back yet?

    It seems to me the Gov’t and Press is using Golden Dawn as a “distraction” to take attention away from the massive Crimes these two corrupt Parties have committed as well as Treason against the whole Greek nation after 37 years of corrupt rule!

  19. A 34 year old man, who happened to be a leftist and Greece’s leading rapper, going by the pseudonym “KILLAH P”, was killed in the Greek suburb of Keratsini by what the media calls a “Member” of Golden Dawn. This of course as usual is distortion by the media.  The 34 year old man was killed during a football match for Greek team Olympiakos, the killer happened to support Golden Dawn among the more than 1 million other supporters in Greece.
    Now,  if 2 people get drunk and fight, and somebody get’s killed, if that person surviving had anything favorable to say about Golden Dawn, they will automatically be labeled full fledged members in the media. It will be politicized no matter what the context,  in an opportunistic effort to stop the National resistance of the Greek people. The media has now reinstated it’s onslaught, demanding a ban of Golden Dawn.

  20. The crucial thing that you seem to be missing is that the Golden Dawn gang were CALLED by someone to “sort out” this person who argued with someone in the cafe. The murderer was not in the cafe during the argument. He was CALLED and arrived in a car, along with his fellow thugs to ambush and attack the group when they were leaving. This was a hit. A premeditated murder.

    We are SICK of the excuses being made for this group of criminals and thugs.

  21. There was some limited condemnation of SYRIZA by the Greek media over the support SYRIZA gives to leftist anarchists, following the death of 3 Marfin bank employees, who murdered by leftist anarchists after they callously hurled molotov cocktails at the bank branch they working in, and prevented the bank clerks from exiting the building.
    NO ATTEMPT WAS made by the corrupt New Democracy-PASOK (& at that time DIMAR) governing coalition to table legislation to ban SYRIZA, and the Greek media NEVER called for SYRIZA to be banned for having links to these leftist anarchist terrorists.
    Contrast this to the treatment being meted out to Golden Dawn. One drunken male who holds Golden Dawn membership gets into in argument with a leftist, stabs the leftist, & the entire corrupt Greek political-media establishment is announcing that they table legislation to ban Golden Dawn, a party supported by 20% of the Greek electorate.

  22. How about the incident at the Manolada strawberry farm, were dozens of mainly illegal babgladeshi immigrants were shot and wounded by the farm owners and supervisors!
    The Manolda strawberry farm owners and supervisors behind the shootings were diehard supporters of PASOK! 

    Why were there no calls from New Democracy or SYRIZA to ban PASOK?
    What the Greek people are sick off, is listening to the corrupt New Democracy – PASOK governing coalition which looted Greece for 39 years, and led Greece to a social and economic abyss, talking about banning a constitutionally registered political party that is Greece’s fastest growing political party and is supported by 20% of the Greek electorate!

  23. That was not a HIT SQUAD. That was farmers attacking workers on their farms because they dared to ask for money.

    SOMEONE CALLED this murderer and his gang to sort out Pavlos Fyssas because he was anti-Golden Dawn. He argued with someone who then CALLED Golden Dawn thugs.

    NOT THE SAME THING. Golden Dawn themselves advertise their “action” groups. It’s well-known that if immigrants “give you trouble” you can call Golden Dawn. Surely, you must know that, being a GD supporter. Even the old ladies know that!

    Stop confusing the issue. Your beloved Golden Dawn are violent criminals not a proper party at all. They are absolutely AGAINST democracy so how dare they cry about their democratic rights to be in government. Nazis have NO place in a democracy.

  24. nope

    Holocaust deniers misrepresent and omit information contained in ICRC reports that contradict their claims.[42] Critics argue that Richard Harwood in his “Did Six Million Really Die?” pamphlet could only claim that the ICRC had found no evidence of a policy to exterminate Jews by ignoring key sections of the 1948 report, where the ICRC explicitly states that the systematic extermination of Jews was Nazi policy.[43]

    Harwood disputed the notion that homicidal gas chambers were disguised as shower facilities by citing references in the report where ICRC officials inspected bathing facilities. He used their responses to argue that showers functioned as showers and were not part of a killing installation. However this is considered misrepresentation by critics, as the passage Harwood cited is in reference to Allied camps for civilians in Egypt and thus had nothing to do with Nazi concentration camps.[44]

    A letter from the Bad ArolsenInternational Tracing Service regarding only registered deaths at Nazi concentration camps. This and similar correspondence is frequently misrepresented as the absolute death toll of the Holocaust by deniers.

    Harwood also claimed that Die Tat, a Swiss tabloid newspaper, published statistics that concluded the number of people who died in Nazi prisons and camps from 1939 to 1945 based on ICRC statistics was “300,000, not all of whom were Jews”.[45] The January 19, 1955 edition of Die Tat did indeed give a 300,000 figure, but this was only in reference to “Germans and German Jews” and not nationals of other countries.[46] In a 1979 response to this pamphlet, the ICRC said that they have “never tried to compile statistics on the victims of the war”,[47] nor “certified the accuracy of the statistics produced by a third party”,[47] and state that the authors of such material have “falsified” both claims that the document originates from the ICRC and refers exclusively to Jews.[47]

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    —Françoise Perret, Comité International de la Croix-Rouge, to Jacob Gerwitz, August 22, 1975.

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    Baseler Nachrichten[edit source | editbeta]

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    Other sources confirm similar numbers—and earlier than the 1949 World Almanac—for the Jewish population before and after the war. The 1932 American Jewish Yearbook estimate the total number of Jews in the world at 15,192,218, of whom 9,418,248 resided in Europe. However, the 1947 yearbook states: “Estimates of the world Jewish population have been assembled by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (except for the United States and Canada) and are probably the most authentic available at the present time. The figures reveal that the total Jewish population of the world has decreased by one-third from about 16,600,000 in 1939 to about 11,000,000 in 1946 as the result of the annihilation by the Nazis of more than five and a half million European Jews. In Europe only an estimated 3,642,000 remain of the total Jewish pre-war population of approximately 9,740,000.” These numbers are also consistent with the findings of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry, Appendix III, in 1946.

  25. PASOK and New Democracy looted Greece for 39 years, and have dragged Greece into a social and economic abyss.
    That’s a corrupt OLIGARCHY!

  26. MSMlies, you are a moron, golden idiots do not have support of 20% more like 5-7. They are nothing but nazis who need to need to be locked up. Spew your hate to your idiots at the next golden shower party meeting.

  27. In a July 2013 article from the newspaper “Parapolitika” titled: “The egg of the serpent has hatched”, a secret poll ordered by the Prime Minister, which LEFT HIM SPEECHLESS, was presented.

    According to the poll, Golden Dawn is estimated to be polling above 18% and – due to the hidden vote – Golden Dawns real percentage is estimated at well above 20%.


    This poll was also leaked on the “Kontra” TV channel.


  28. You see. That’s the problem with listening to Nazis. You get lied to so much that you end up believing the lies. Absolute lie and nonsense from your “MP”. The murderer was CALLED to the scene. They are investigating WHO called him. It was a hit not a drunken brawl. Golden Dawn are over. Sadly it took a Greek man being killed to do it but it’s over. GD will go back to being the Hitler loving cult that they were a couple of years ago. People will not vote for these criminals now that the true face of GD is out there for everyone to see. They turned their backs when it was immigrants being attacked and injured and even killed but now it’s Greek blood on the streets. We can never allow Nazis to get SO CLOSE.

  29. Ha! Keep dreaming Marxist vermin! The Greek people on the whole could not care less that the anti-hellenic, Leftist Anarchist promoter of degenerate rap music, Pavlos Fyssas, (stage name KILLAH P) has met a violent death.
    The option of trying to ban Golden Dawn HAS BEEN RULED OUT, with government sources saying that the aim must be to “act effectively rather than in the heat of the moment.

    Prime Minister Antonis Samaras attempted to defuse the political tension caused by this week’s killing of Leftist Anarchist Hip Hop artist Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P.

    Greek PM Samaras stated: “This is not the time for internal disputes or tension.”

  30. I do NOT want Golden Dawn banned. I want to see their “MPs” arrested and tried for their criminal acts. And GD’s hit squads who have attacked and injured hundreds of immigrants (which we keep forgetting) rounded up and charged and tried.
    BTW people who disagree with Golden Dawn are not Marxists. They are antifascists or anti racists. They can support any of the political parties. Automatically labelling them as Marxist (and “vermin”) just gives you away.

  31. What “criminal acts” are the MPs involved in? Please cite some, along with evidence.

    BTW People who disagree with Golden Dawn are anti-White and anti-Greek.

  32. If you understood Godwin’s Law you would realise that in a discussion about Nazi’s, Hitler and things related to Nazis and Hitler, you cannot be called for mentioning Nazis and Hitler. How can you have a discussion about Nazis, if you can’t mention Nazis. Ridiculous. Go back to Stormfront where people probably think you’re clever.

  33. Your hatred is unnecessary and exposes your ignorance and violence towards those who have a deferent political belief than you. Its idiots like you who even Hitler himself would have killed despite your support. I truly do however, applaud your words because they further educate people on the horrors of the Golden Dawn ideology.

  34. Your right. Your hatred is equal to that he has towards rappers and blacks, but you make up for it with your speaking of the truth. That moron needs to die. He needs to just simply kill himself. I do not know what else to say.

  35. Your comment really opened my eyes. I mean really you just blew my mind! Your post was the perfect example of retardation in its most devastating form! I never knew that it was even possible that any human being could get anywhere close to that dum.

  36. Maybe it was the ‘Kick Me Hard’ advertisement on his banner entitled: ‘Killah P’?

    Sounds non-violent to me. Either way, the left has their martyr. History repeating itself–over-and over–and….