Greek, Albanian Scuffle in Monastiraki, 6 Wounded

scuffle in MonastirakiA wild scuffle between Greeks and Albanians for personal differences occurred on September 17, at 23.30, in Monastiraki. Six people were wounded.

According to the evidence so far, two large groups of Greeks and Albanians scuffled with clubs, knifes and other objects, which resulted in the wounding of four Albanians and two Italian tourists who attempted to separate those involved.

The wounded are hospitalized at the KAT Hospital, in Athens.

The police rushed to the scene and have detained 89 people so far, in order to detect and arrest those involved.



  1. Send all albanians back to their country, we don’t need more criminals in the country…

  2. albanians are the largest group of illegals in Greece and comprise the majority of most crimes and the prison population. try again

  3. we should eliminate them all or send them back to turkey, and clean up the area.. One way for Greece to get out of the crises is to go to war.. We have so many young unemployed people sitting around doing nothing.. WAR is the answer… every country that has gone to war has seen economic growth after

  4. First of all let me assure you that this won’t happen ever.
    Secondly,if a war happens indeed (1/10000000000% chance)there will be more greek casualties with all these immigrants in greece.

  5. There are not only illegal immigrants in your country, there are also legal ones with the certified documents and live there by working like slaves for a few euros.And it’s your countries fault letting all these people in the country like that,briberies happen a lot and greeks are too lazy to do their job,trust me i know from personal experience & stories i’ve heard.

  6. i’ll go out on a limb and venture to say that most of them are illegals. as for the legal ones that’s obviously a different story. don’t necessarily disagree with the rest especially “your countries fault letting all these people”

  7. Well said we don’t’ need any more criminals we have enough of our own, on the bright side all ours are easily identified they all wear black. Some of these foreigners are tricky they pretend to be innocent hard working bystanders.
    If we are going to get rid of our criminals why don’t we send our Politicians to Albania

  8. that’s is the truth, why hide from it? why not arm our young people and take their frustration against their enemies instead of their own government…

  9. It won’t happen because of cowards like you…. Stand up for your country and take it back!!! If it were for people like you, you would just give it away… I say eliminate them all, before they get us.

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  11. I like the way you think
    Every single politician should if they had any ethics return 90% of there income to the state but then again if they had ethics the country wouldn’t be in the mess its in …why are we paying them 20k a month when people are starving why are they being paid 20k a month when they expect pensioners to live on 500.
    As our leaders why are they not leading by example

  12. I am not hiding ,no one in there right mind wants a civil war. It took 20 years to recover from the last one and what makes you think that the end result will be what you want.
    If history shows us anything it is that no one other than arms dealers win in a war

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