Residence Permits Granted to Foreign Investors

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On September 23, a briefing and working session on Residence permits to Third-Country Citizens for strategic investments and real estate ownership is to be held at the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Athens.

According to the Greek Travel Pages (GTP) website, this session is to be held by the Invest in Greece Agency in cooperation with the Greek Development and Competitiveness Ministry and the Greek Interior Ministry.

Greece is ready to adopt some favorable regulations, by offering residence permits to third-country citizens whose investments are mostly considered as “strategic” or to those who purchase property in Greece, the value of which exceeds 250,000 euros.


  1. This is ridiculous and outragous suggestion by the government to provide a residence permit to 3rd country citizens with invesment of just 250,000Euro…The amoount should be more than 1,000.000 Million Euro per person of investment capital per person minimum investment…