Golden Dawn’s Police Escorts to be Withdrawn


After the decision of the headquarters of the Hellenic Police (ELAS) and Nikos Dendias’ recommendation, the security guards who used to protect Golden Dawn MP’s are being removed.

According to the announcement, “The police escorts who were entrusted with protecting members of the Golden Dawn Party are being withdrawn until the Attorney General of the Court of Cassation takes the legal verdict after studying the data regarding the crimes committed by the supporters of Golden Dawn.”

The announcement says that according to new data, it was considered that until the Attorney General of the Supreme Court takes the legal verdict, the disposition of police escorts to Golden Dawn MP’s is institutionally and legally incompatible.”

Golden Dawn Party Sues Mass Media and Political Parties

GD MP, Ilias Kasidiaris called everybody illegal and sycophants and said that GD will file lawsuits against Greek newspapers and journalists as well as other parties.

Regarding the relations of George Roupakias, the killer of the anti-fascist Greek musician Pavlos Fyssas, with Golden Dawn, there are photos showing George Roupakias attending events organized by the GD party. Kasidiaris said that,  “The government is taking advantage of Pavlos Fyssas’ death to slander Golden Dawn. You are all illegal and sycophants,” he said.


  1. Keep jabbering GD. This party will be nothing soon enough. Greece was not built on xenophobia and hatred. Just keep digging your own graves.

  2. Jewish international capitalist billionaire George Soros: The patron Saint of leftists.
    According to the Wirtschaftswoche Magazine: the famous Jewish international Capitalist George Soros arranged and paid for Alexis Tsipras, the Leader of SYRIZA (Coalition of Radical Left) to visit America, through the “INET” institute. The Jewish billionaire Soros uses SYRIZA to serve his interests – and the interests of the international Jewish usurers. The Greek people don’t want a Zionist puppet like Tsipras and his SYRIZA leftist anarchist thugs to drag Greece further into ruin. SYRIZA is consequently on a downward spiral.

  3. In July 2013, a car bearing 5 Golden Dawners (1 woman and 4 men) was ambushed by an antifa mob in Patras.
    Fifty leftist anarchists armed with knives and bats seriously injured the occupants of the vehicle including one 60 yr old Golden Dawner. The Golden Dawn occupants of the vehicle suffered stab wounds and fractures. WASN’T THIS A GANG ATTACK? Why aren’t there calls for SYRIZA to be banned?

  4. Very happy to see GD spontaneously combusting and their supporters gibbering like the racist idiots they truly are. My hope that they would implode is happening…can we begin to hope that they will go back to being a looney nazi cult as they were a few years ago?

  5. Withdrawing police escorts from Golden Dawns MP’s is of very little consequence. Golden Dawn is a popular movement that is loved and supported by the Greek populace. The average Greek citizen welcomes them and wishes them no harm.
    Only a tiny, drug fuelled sect of Leftist Anarchists would seek to physically harm Golden Dawn MP’s, and these Leftist weaklings are easily handled by the well trained brigades of Golden Dawn stormtroopers!

  6. There you digging a deeper hole for yourself and your GD friends. Are these “brigades”, law enforcement professionals? No. They are vigilante gangs. Of course, GD don’t care if they have no police protection. We have seen how good they are at stabbing and killing. What we want to see is GD not being able to carry out attacks WITH police protection. Then they can be arrested like other people would be.

  7. By who? A small sect of unwashed, unshaven, pot smoking, dreadlocked, unfit Leftists? Hahaha! Well what are you waiting for? All i’m seeing so far is a Communist KKE bitch Liana Kanelli getting deservedly and repeatedly slapped live on TV by a Golden Dawn MP as the Greek public rose in their homes to mass applause, & this week news arrives that a Leftist Anarchist promoter of degenerate rap music, Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P, has been knifed to death. I guess you Leftist Anarchists are only good at murdering innocent taxi drivers, and burning bank clerks to death like you did at thd Athens Marfin bank.

  8. careful you’re arguing with holocaust denying hitler praising white supremacist nazi MSMlies aka ExposedHypocrisy, who has already been banned from this site, and who supports the assault of women and the killing of rappers……..

  9. I know and all opposers of GD have to be careful but we must speak up against these racists bullies. I refuse to be intimidated by this racist poster. Thankfully he can’t kill me with his keyboard.

  10. you obviously don’t know Greek. nothing is revealed. only the nazi, with his back turned like a coward, on the bottom right is saying he was a lefty with no validation at all and everyone else is questioning him. nice try nazi.

    here’s roupakias wearing a XA nazi shirt

    here he is again

    and again

  11. Ofcourse I understand Greek, I am Greek you imbecile.
    I expect this revelation of Giorgos Roupakias having Leftist Anarchist associations to now spread rapidly, until the point arrives when the slanderous Marxist media and corrupt political establishment quietly let this entire show over Pavlos Fyssas death in a violent brawl die down and disappear.

  12. nazis are not Greek and 2nd then why are you spreading lies if you understand what is going on in the video. this won’t spread like fire because contrary to your lies nothing is revealed in the video

    you’re a dirty subhuman liar

    here’s roupakias wearing a XA nazi shirt

    here he is again

    and again

  13. Outlawing Golden Dawn “would be technically very difficult and politically dangerous,” noted Dimitris Christopoulos, an associate professor of law at Athens’ Panteion University.”The constitution makes no provision for the dissolution of a parliamentery group, even it there is proof that it is a criminal organisation,” Christopoulos told AFP.
    Ofcourse what do the pseudo democrats of New Democracy-PASOK, SYRIZA, DIMAR, ANEL & KKE care about the Greek constitution?

  14. yeah, I wasn’t sure but I thought your sarcasm was for the benefit of our racist “friend” and tried to do the same…perhaps failed but the idea was there 😉

  15. and here come the gibbering “insults”. Being called black or Jewish is not an insult. it just shows that you have no conversational skills and no argument.

  16. totally misread that comment. I need to get off my computer. too much reading nd writing etc :S