Greece 3rd Among Top World Destinations


The largest travel agency in the world, TUI Travel, analyzed the data collected from 13 countries which export tourism in Europe and compared their similarities and differences regarding summer holiday reservations.

The results showed that the top holiday destinations for England and Ireland during the summer of 2013 were Turkey, Greece and the Balearic Islands, with Mexico taking the lead among the most popular destinations for long distance journeys.

The survey also revealed that consumers both in the UK and Ireland, were among the first ones to make reservations, along with those from Switzerland and Germany who topped the list as well, while the Russians ranked last on the list.

In general, the average holiday duration was nine days, with the French making shorter summer breaks (seven days) in contrast to the Dutch (11 days). Moreover, it was shown that the average duration of summer vacation for travelers in the UK and Ireland was ten days.


  1. Third? We are two of our children have separately been across Europe and we all agree that the best food, the friendliest people, the greatest things to see and do, the most amazing value… are all in Hellas. Spain is pretty nice. France is very expensive, crowded and unfriendly to tourists. Italy can and should do better


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