Civil Servants Call Strike on September 24-25

    poreia adedyNext week will be a week of strike action, as the Greek Public Servant’s Union (ADEDY) is proceeding to escalation of protests with “prolonged, multiform, conflictual, fighting demonstrations against the policy of suspensions and dismissals,” after the decision of the Union’s general council.
    Greece’s civil servants’ union ADEDY has called a 48-hour strike for Tuesday and Wednesday.
    “The union decided to continue its labour action against the government’s and the (EU/IMF/ECB) troika’s destructive policies,” it said.



    1. All civil servants must sacked and replaced by graduates with Degrees with specific studies inorder to facilitate and to provide the right service to the people…The present system has fallen apart years ago and shuld be replaced without any delay…This present system is the main cause of the country’s bankruptcy…

    2. The money is there, comrade Chimpras says so! Fight for your rights people, it’s not your fault you knew someone and got the job, that’s the way it is in Greece! Hey, you have to eat too, to hell with the country, let it go down in flames if it has to. Don’t let the cronyism end, the money is there somewhere!!! Don’t let the troika lie to you, it’s the Americans and Germans orchestrating the crisis, they want to steal Greek riches, like your feta cheese and olive oil! Keep fighting! Don’t give up! You’ll end up a capitalist slave to world powers!!! The money is there!


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