Political Violence Blessing for Greece

wsjAccording to the Wall Street Journal, the Greek government can now ask from the Troika to ease the strict conditions of the memorandum, based on the affirmation that austerity has risen the percentages of the right-wing extremist political party of Golden Dawn.

The new wave of political violence in Greece has shocked the country and has rekindled fears of an intense social unrest in the most indebted country of the Eurozone.

In an article published on Sept 21, on the occasion of the killing of Pavlos Fyssas in Keratsini, WSJ supports that the recent troubles with Golden Dawn in the country could be a secret blessing for the government which has been striving  to implement the tough agenda of reforms demanded by the Troika.

“On Sunday the heads of the Troika return to Athens for a new round of negotiation with the Greek government,” WSJ wrote and added that Greece has now to worry about Golden Dawn, too.

According to the newspaper, the analysts think that after the new episodes with Golden Dawn, the government can now ask from the Troika to ease the strict terms of the memorandum, based on the assumption that austerity has increased the rates of the far-right party.

“This is a very powerful weapon in the hands of Antonis Samaras, which shows that society has its limits,” WSJ noted.


  1. This just emphasizes the desperation for excuses the government finds itself in. In this case the excuse is a real stretch and the Troika will be hard pressed to see the rationale the government is counting on. As always the Greek State has depended on a controlled media campaign to divert the pubic and now the rest of the world away from its fundamental problems.

  2. This could have all been avoided if the ‘eternal Jew’ kept his hooked nose out of Europe’s affairs — instead they monopolised our banks, started several wars that killed millions of Europe’s people and have now corrupted ‘democracy’ and are using their money and power to undermine national sovereignty and blend the White race out of existence by opening our borders and forcing us to ‘mix’ with the non-European immigrants.

    Parties like Golden Dawn are the anti-thesis to the Judaic-Marxist collective and the Communist/Globalist EU that seeks to destroy Western Civilisation.

  3. Curiously you have left out any mention of the rise of far leftist extremists. Do you support communists of syriza and kke?

  4. Exactly–I was saving that rant for another news story, but since you asked. . . Whats happened in Greece politically since the crises is a classic case of power vacuum dynamics–who will fill the gap. The two extremes the the left and right are battling it out to take over the staus quo which the two main centrist parties used to control back and forth like a ping pong game. The left–the KKE and now the Syriza party is playing a game of demagoguery–that is just playing into what the public wants to hear as they become more dissillusioned with the ruling parties, the Troika scheme, and yes now the violent and radicalized right wing becoming notorious with Golden Dawn. In other words the ping pong game is heating up and neither left of right have anhy real solutions, just rhetoric based on old ideologies which keep coming back into fashion when ever the public is confused and frustrated.

    Unfortunately this game will continue until people trust again a more centrist platform which must be in appearance at least totally different that the past blue or green persuasions. Difficult to achieve? Damn near impossible right now with the political paralysis the two extremes are causing with their polarized campaigns for popularity.

    To answer your question, NO. I do not support the communists or Syriza anymore than the far right–because of their extremest and dogmatic attitudes–and frankly because neiithe pole has said anything that coud be called “new” “innovative” or even potentially viable as a way out of the quagmire we find ourselves in. I am, however, ever hopeful new voices and new faces will emerge to energize the middle ground once more with prudent and workable solutions. If such a party emerges with a dynamic leader real traction will be gained. Until then, its back to the ping pong table, long into the night.


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