Golden Dawn’s “Military School”


According to photographic documents, the paramilitary groups of the Golden Dawn extreme far-right party are being objected to tough tests.

According to the Ethnos news report, young men dressed in camouflage uniforms, hooded full face and military knives in their belts salute in a Nazi way holding the Greek flag, and run half-naked in the cold and darkness. These men are being taught the doctrine of hate in special exercises by the head of the organization.

The photos were published by members of the local Golden Dawn organization in the area of Nikaia, Athens, and the paramilitary exercises had taken place on an island located in the Argosaronic Gulf, in December 2011, before the Greek elections.

The military exercises take place at night and the GD members are being prepared for any threat.

The revelation of the criminal activities of the Golden Dawn hit squads has shocked the public opinion and has raised concern to the Government and the leadership of the Greek Police.


  1. The existence and growth of GD is a reflection on the elected leaders of Greece, the Greek people are a modern day Diogenes wondering the streets looking for an honest politician unfortunately their search is futile. The dilemma that we face is to keep electing the same people who brought Greece to its knees or choose a path that will almost certainly lead civil unrest . Unless we can find a political voice which is untainted by left or right influences I fear Greece will spiral out of control.

  2. “Destroy Golden DAWN CRIMINALS!”.

    “the only thing those nazis do is a circle jerk”.

    “No excuse for Golden Dawn Fascist-pigs”.

    How embarrassing. No wonder the Left lose support daily — whilst Golden Dawn grows larger.

  3. Excerpt from guardian newspaper (extremely Leftwing newspaper) article released today titled: “Greece launches inquiry into claims Golden Dawn trained by armed forces”

    “In Golden Dawn we have an entire military structure with at least 3,000 people ready for everything,” one member was quoted as saying by the Sunday Vima newspaper. The paper Ethnos, claimed the men were being trained by members of Greece’s elite special forces who sympathise with the ultra-nationalist party.

    “The military isn’t just bleeding — it’s boiling,” Hellenic Navy officer Yannis Katsaroulis said in an interview with Germany’s Deutsche Well. 

    “We recently met with the defense minister to voice our anger about the cuts and one of us, a brigadier, piped up and said that we are all dead set on voting for (the far right-wing) Golden Dawn in the next elections. Don’t be surprised if tanks roll out onto the street and a military rebellion occurs. Everything is possible at this point.” Hellenic Navy officer Yannis Katsaroulis added.

    In a February 2013 poll taken at a military base on the Island of Crete, 23 out of the 25 Greek Army Officers surveyed said that in the next elections they would be voting for Golden Dawn.Thats 92% support in favour of Golden Dawn.
    It is clear that throughout Greece the overwhelming majority of Junior and Mid-Level Greek army, navy and airforce officers support Golden Dawn.
    The majority of rank and file troops support Golden Dawn.

    Basically the Greek military supports Golden Dawn. Over 50% of Greek police also vote for Golden Dawn.

    Golden Dawn is everywhere!

  4. My comment still stands — especially in light of your ‘intelligent’ and ‘constructive’ response. /sarcasm