Senior Cops Quit During Golden Dawn Probe

golden dawn halkidaTwo senior officers of the Hellenic Police (ELAS) submitted their resignations on Sept. 23 amidst an investigation into whether there was any dereliction of duty over why the force did not arrest members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party found to have weapons in the aftermath of the killing of anti-fascist Pavlos Fyssas by one of the party members.

The Greek Minister for Public Order and Citizen Protection, Nikos Dendias, ordered the Police Chief to investigate the ranks of the body, in response to recent complaints. In particular, the Internal Affairs Division was ordered to investigate any police interconnection with Golden Dawn’s activity.

In an announcement by the Public Order Ministry, it was reported that the General Police Inspector for southern Greece, Lieutenant General Yiannis Dikopoulos, and the General Police Director in central Greece, Major General Apostolos Kaskanis, submitted their resignations for personal reasons, which have been accepted.

With the decision of the Hellenic Police Chief, an investigation was launched at the local offices of Golden Dawn in Halkida, Evia. The reason is that, on Sept. 20 some individuals outside Golden Dawn’s offices were carrying objects considered weapons and the police ignored them. It was reported that they have often done so and that the ranks of the police may have been infiltrated by Golden Dawn sympathizers.

In the same investigation, the issue of any responsibilities concerning omittance recorded during the police investigation for the collection of evidence and individual’s identification with objects that were found at the local Golden Dawn’s offices will be examined.

According to the Hellenic Police, nearly a dozen other senior officers switched posts, including the heads of the anti-terrorist squad, the organized crime squad and the guns and explosives squad.

The Internal Affairs service has ordered that the following officers be replaced until the end of the investigation:
The Head of Security of the Hellenic Police’s Headquarters,
The Police Director, Commander, Deputy Director and Deputy Commander of the Counterterrorism Unit (EKAM)
Te Police Director, Chief of Sub directorate for Organized Crime and Human Trafficking of the Police Directorate of Attica
The Sub director, Chief of Weapons and Explosives Sub directorate of National Security of the Police Directorate of Attica
The head of a YAT riot police squat in Keratsini which according to pictures and videos appeared side-by-side with a group of people throwing rocks at protesters and did not intervene or make any arrests

After the murder of the anti-fascist hip-hop artist, Pavlos Fyssas, by the member of Golden Dawn, Giorgos Roupakias, authorities began cracking down on Golden Dawn. Alleged members of the neo-Nazi party have claimed in anonymous interviews that supporters and members of the group within the police often helped protect Golden Dawn from raids, according to Greek media reports.


  1. This is a good step but one wonders how effective it will be. The cancer has spread to many parts of Greek society with people of very low IQ levels particularly infected. If you are a fat and ugly man or woman who doesn’t get enough sex and have never held a proper job and have no hope of getting one, if you have the same level of critical thinking as a member of the Taliban, if you have been the idiot in the class at school, then you go and join Golden Dawn and feel special again. The Greek church has also been badly affected, the institution supposed to promoting the peaceful values of Jesus Christ has many priests that are blessing violent criminals. How do you clear all this?

    So much damage has been done to Greece by these people. It has made the fight against illegals much harder – people are so disgusted by GD that they will start having sympathy with illegals. It is going to harder to deport these barbarian hordes now when there are even more barbaric Greeks amongst us.


  3. Haha! Sacking police commanders left, right and centre is a sign of how paranoid and borderline insane the corrupt New Democracy-PASOK governing coalition has become. The complete disrespect New Democracy MP and Public Order Nikos Dendias is showing to the Greek police force that instead of 50% of Greek police voting for Golden Dawn as they did in June 2012, perhaps 60%, 70% or even 80% of the downtrodden and humiliated Greek police force will vote for Golden Dawn.

  4. You forgot to add the closet homos who cannot understand why they cannot get it up in the presence of women and who deal with their self hatred by hating all gays, as what would describe many GD members. Of course their homosexuality also shows with the tight T-shorts they wear, the OTT muscles they build up and the shaven heads.

  5. When Golden Dawn governs Greece every single last illegal 3rd World immigrant will be rapidly deported. All illegal immigrants who have recieved amnesty will have their amnesty revoked and will be deported to the nation of their ethnic origin. Any Greek who has produced children via a relationship with a 3rd Worlder will be deported to the nation of origin of their 3rd world spouse, together with their offspring. Last but not least Golden Dawn has vowed to ban Judaism and all it’s symbols from Greece. Synagogues will be demolished via controlled demolitions.

  6. The way its going you and your relatives will be deported first. Can you prove you are not the descendant of a Turk or Jew who banged your grandmother?

  7. with people like you and the nazi party no wonder this country is going to hell. Hopefully golden idiots go first.

  8. Are you people completely void of contributing to a discussion in a rational and coherent way? The posts you people make never contain intelligent reason; facts, or even the basic use of logic. Every post that appears on this board from the Left is some sort of childish personal attack or hysterical projections about the sexuality of Golden Dawn’s members.

    I hate to say it — but posts like yours “Lili” do more harm to your movement than good.

  9. Look who’s talking? As if blaming Jews for everything under the sun makes your case against illegal immigration stronger? You guys are just like Islamists – violent, anti Jewish, holocaust deniers, woman beaters. Trying to use religion to justify your hateful causes. Training camps to learn terrorism. What’s the difference between GD and Islamism?

  10. Notice how all Leftists commenting against Golden Dawn, or even those who are not leftists but still consider themselves to be “anti-Golden Dawn”, always resort to sexual degeneracy in their comments. For example note the degenerate above who refers to golden showers.
    When Golden Dawn governs Greece they will teach the young generation Christian decency. Pornography and public displays of homosexuality, or pro-homosexual propaganda shall be banned. Degenerate TV shows from Jewish hollywood will also be prohibited.

  11. apparently g-reporter, depending on where their servers are located, has no problem exposing themselves to legal liability for allowing nazis like MSMlies to post this racist anti-Semitic anti-everything garbage on the site.

  12. apparently g-reporter, depending on where their servers are located, has no problem exposing themselves to legal liability and millions in damages for allowing nazis like MSMlies to post this racist anti-Semitic garbage on the site.

  13. Nazi Sympathizer, are you still supporting the murderers of Greeks? Of the 40s or today.


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