University of Athens, NTUA Suspend Operations

University Athens

According to a decision of its Senate, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is suspending all of its operations.

The relevant announcement goes as follows:

“The Senate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the extraordinary meeting of September 23, states:

-the fact that any educational, research and administrative operation of the University of Athens is objectively impossible.

-that the incomprehensible insistence of both the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance which lead directly to undermining higher education and the young generation of Greece, the only substantial hope for overcoming the social and economic crisis in the years to come, cannot be accepted in any way.

The Senate of the University of Athens with regret informs the public opinion that the University is involuntarily forced to suspend all of its operations.

This University of Athens announcement was followed by an announcement more or less the same issued by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

These decisions came after the Education Ministry announced that 1,655 administrative employees will be suspended from the universities around the country.


  1. “Greece contains bad people, it’s only fair that everyone suffers.” Your statement is very selfrightous.

  2. no, you misinterpreted me right now. i was talking about universities. and universities are now including neo-liberal thinkers only. that has something to do with the others being pushed out. now the pushers recieving their own medicine is fair.

  3. Of course, we all know that in the universities we only teach economy. How can you be so sick? Many hardworking people work there! from professors to janitors and maintenance personnel. Do all deserve being fired? dammass

  4. You’re still being massively unfair. Universities do not consist exclusively of Economy schools, and even in the Economy Faculties, they are not all neo-liberal fanatics everywhere. Perhaps they are in the UK where the neo-liberal cancer is the most proliferated, and where education is already turned into a miserable profit-driven business, but not everywhere, and certainly not in Greece where the academic world is one of the last places of intellectual and political freedom left.
    Don’t let your hate for the neo-liberal scum (which I share completely) cloud your vision.

  5. Typical of the “everyone owes me” mentality of today’s Greek educational elite and the political party-appointed administration. Imagine something like this happening at any public university anywhere else in the world…

    Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life here….

  6. He’s stupid, I agree. But how come you hate Germans? Their billions practically keep Greece afloat, now don’t they?

  7. Don’ t you think he is being sarcastic? He is just pointing out the irony. He does not know of course, that the last thing greek economists would teach is neo-liberalism, but still, its a nice irony…

  8. I agree, that stereotypes like these are idiotic (I mean, come on, the original comment wasn’t that bad) but how come you think Greece is being kept afloat? 30% unemployment, 65% youth unemployment (which means that the employed are just not-yet fired public servants) 5 years recession, 30% drop of the GDP? How much worse do you think it would be without these billions? And where do you think these billions really go?

  9. Your imagination is not very wild, indeed. When you can imagine the same measures being imposed on a country and on public universities elsewhere in the world, then your imagination may expand.
    By the way, many British universities are in the brink of collapse. A nice example was what happened with the London Metropolitan University last year. I know you probably had Cambridge in mind but life is more complex. If you had any relation with foreign higher educational systems, you would have known that the pressures on public systems are everywhere with many differences of scale of course..
    I also have one question: do you know whether Greek universities can use their resources and property as they please?

  10. I do not hate Germans, because i´am german. Nevertheless a german trait is shortsightedness, disrespect and stupidity

  11. We all shoul look closely on greece, what happens there right now, will be happening to all of us in the near future.

  12. Some confusion here. What is happening in Greece is unfortunate but the Greeks need to look in the mirror a bit and stop trying to pass themselves off as innocent victims of circumstance. If the (elected) Greek government had not behaved with such wild irresponsibilty then Greece would not be in the mess it is. That’s the fact of the matter.

    If you don’t like “neo-liberalism” or “capitalism” or whatever you want to call it, then don’t engage in it. But it is a bit rich borrowing lots of money on the financial markets, spraying government money all over the place (there’s plenty of government corruption in Greece as well) and then shouting the odds about the unfairness of life when the debt come due. Greece is being made a bit of a scapegoat for widespread vices but it is not some sort of innocent bystander or victim of circumstances.