Golden Dawn’s Parliamentary Group out of Greek Parliament?

vouli xrisi augi

After the latest developments concerning the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn political party, which were triggered by the killing of the anti-fascist hip-hop artist, Pavlos Fyssas, by Golden Dawn’s member, Giorgos Roupakias, there are lots of scenarios being discussed in the Greek Parliament.

The negative impact, political and judicial, that Fyssas’ killing had on Golden Dawn is severe, and the party is now facing the possibility of its MP’s and members being arrested on the charges of forming a criminal organization.

The poll that was conducted by NewsIt, which shows Golden Dawn losing its percentages, has played a catalytic role in the developments.

The last few hours, the notion that Golden Dawn may decide to resign and its Parliamentary Group may be put out of the Greek Parliament is a hot topic.

When the journalists in the Parliament asked Golden Dawn MP’s about such a possibility, nobody confirmed it nor denied it. Circles of Golden Dawn reported that, “They will use any legal way to defend their constitutionally-entrenched rights that are brutally violated by a government-slave to foreigners.”

In such a possibility, the runners-up will be asked to take the seats of the resigned MP’s, although this is not particularly possible, according to the scenarios. In case the runners-up do not accept to undertake the parliamentary seats, then there will be repeat elections.

The repeat elections will be held only in the 15 regions that have elected Golden Dawn MP’s.

In such a case, it remains a riddle what will be done with the state deputy that has been elected with Golden Dawn.


  1. Τα θες και τα γραφής η σου ξεφεύγουνε?

    Νομίζεις μήπως πως επειδή έρχοναι μια χούφτα αναγνώστες στο Greek Reporter πως κανεις δεν επιτηρεί τι μαλακίες γράφονται εδώ από φασιστόμουτρα?

    θα σκάσει μάπα είπαμε!

  2. Κούνια που σε κούναγε εσένα!
    Εκεί, ήλπιζε και μην ερευνα στουρνάρι!

  3. What are you talking about …just a little tip it helps when you are making a comment to ensure that it actually makes sense . What has a photo from South Africa two years ago got do with anything …are you suggesting that South Africa is going to invade us …. what ever medication you are on why did you stop taking it.

  4. Read the news if you do not know the reasons. It is NOT how you are saying it. Unless if you are a Golden Dawn supporter and then I understand why you say it the way you do.

  5. There is no room for fascism or punks in Greece. Thats wat they are and if you support them in one way or the other then you are no Greek or an intelligent human. You are the lowest of the low a complete scum. A true Greek has honour and respect for human kind.

  6. Not only falling but falling fast. And failing in the most spectacular way. By their own conduct.

  7. Take a good look around Athens….. I don’t see any honour or respect
    This is why GD has thrive ….. for evil to exist all it takes is for good to do nothing.
    But there days are numbered when you kill someone because there opinion is different to yours ….your end is near


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