Giants Waiting for the Results of Seismic Researches in Greece

oil and gas industryThe global oil and natural gas industry eagerly waits for the findings of the Norwegian research vessel «Nordic Explorer», which conducted seismic researches in the Ionian Sea and south of Crete.

As Ansamed news agency reports, the 2nd Annual Balkans Oil & Gas Summit was completed yesterday, Wednesday the 25th September. The 2nd Annual Balkans Oil & Gas Summit took place in Athens, with the participation of delegations of giants such as Shell, ExxonMobil, Repsol, Gazprom Neft and Bulgargaz, as well as smaller European companies.

The delegates stated that they are eagerly waiting for the next steps which are about to be made in the hydrocarbons sector in Western and Southern Greece.

As it is referred in the publication of Ansamed, the French company TOTAL, also operating in Cyprus, as well as the Hellenic Petroleum, have already bought the complete package with the results of the seismic researches.


  1. The Oligarchy that controls Greece today will not extract much benefit from these Oil and Gas reserves for the Greek people. The prime purpose of New Democracy and Pasok is to please their foreign masters in Brussels, Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, London, New York and Washington. Perhaps under a Golden Dawn government these resources would be used to benefit Greek economic prosperity, but no doubt the USA and UK, perhaps with German and Israeli participation would concoct some scheme to wage war on Greece, for “humanitarian reasons ofcourse”, with the true goal being to secure these Oil and Gas reserves for the USA, Western Europe and Israel.