Golden Dawn Recruiting Young Greek Students

xrysi augi mathites

It seems that the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has invaded Greek schools, as it is attempting to recruit young students, while several teachers talk about groups of out-of-school individuals who try to recruit minor boys and girls in order to staff the organization’s hit squads.

The situation at schools seems to be out of control, as teachers reveal that they are receiving threats by older students, who even want to have higher grades, as reported in the Greek newspaper To Ethnos.

The students that are recruited by the neo-Nazi party usually target foreign or anti-fascist classmates of theirs and in many cases beat them up. For example, a student at a Lyceum in Rethymno, on the island of Crete, was attacked and beaten up by his classmates who are supporters of Golden Dawn, because he went to an anti-fascist rally, while the teachers’ intervention was necessary to put an end to the beating.

Golden Dawn members usually choose children from lower social classes, who manifest an aggressive attitude and brainwash them, telling them that they can become masters of the school, while they use as an example Golden Dawn MP’s and major officials who are well-known for their activity.

Golden Dawn members have the best chances to recruit minor students when their parents are unemployed, because they can easily turn them against immigrants.

The way that Golden Dawn members prefer to recruit students is by distributing leaflets outside schools or through the  social media frequently used by students, such as Facebook.

Teachers on their side, are afraid to denounce certain incidents, because they are afraid of reprisals, while there are individual cases of teachers who support Golden Dawn.


  1. The Hitler Youth (German: Hitlerjugend (help·info), abbreviated HJ) was a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party. It existed from 1922 to 1945. The HJ was the second oldest paramilitary Nazi group, founded one year after its adult counterpart, the Sturmabteilung (SA). It was made up of: the Hitlerjugend proper, for male youth aged 14 to 18; the younger boys’ section,Deutsches Jungvolk (German Youth), for those aged 10 to 14; and the girls’ section, the Bund Deutscher Mädel (the League of German Girls).

  2. There have been numerous cases of ethnic Albanian students or Roma (gypsy) students gang bashing Greek students in Greek schools. It’s a shame that Greek reporter doesn’t think this is worth reporting on.
    When an article appears on the Greek reporter website condemning Greek students for belonging to Golden Dawn, and for allegedly beating non-Greek students, but no effort is made by this website to report on the far more numerous cases of non-Greek students forming gangs and assaulting Greek students then there is a clear bias and even racism against Greeks on this Leftist website. This isn’t news. It’s leftist propaganda.

  3. What’s this got to do with anything? You are talking about a period of history from the 1930’s and 1940’s. We are in 2013.

  4. golden dawn = nazi

    among many other examples (like “heil hitler” and “ss” tatoos among their mp’s or their content writers saying “forever immortal in our hearts” on the anniversary of his death etc)

    In an article published in 1987 in the Golden Dawn magazine titled “Hitler for 1000 years”, its editor Michaloliakos showed his support for Nazism and white supremacy.Specifically he wrote, “We are the faithful soldiers of the National Socialist idea and nothing else” and “[…] WE EXIST, and continue the battle, the battle for the final victory of our race”. He ends the article by writing “1987, 42 years later, with our thought and soul given to the last great battle, with our thought and soul given to the black and red banners, with our thought and soul given to the memory of our great Leader, we raise our right hand up, we salute the Sun and with the courage, that is compelled by our military honor and our National Socialist duty we shout full of passion, faith to the future and our visions: HEIL HITLER!”.Furthermore he uses capital letters for pronouns referring to Hitler (“by Himself”, “His people”).

  5. this is unfortunately true. what you are seeing in many villages, is the schools becoming 50/50 Greeks and non-Greeks and bullying by the non-Greeks. many Greek families are sending their kids to the closest city school to avoid this situation and unfortunately causing the village schools to close due to lack of attendance and 1 teacher per school

    2 wrongs don’t make a right….

  6. How about the admiration for infamous mass murderers such as Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Trotsky and Nicolae Ceausescu held by KKE, SYRIZA, DIMAR and ANTARSYA? I don’t see you condemning them. Or do you deny that scores of millions of innocent men, women and children died at the hands of these communist leaders?

  7. it is not nearly as pronounced

    i despise nazis (and commies)

    “So what if the leadership of Golden Dawn holds some personal admiration for the Third Reich.”

    “so what”? are you serious? first off it’s more than some. it is a deep admiration. more Greeks died at the hands of nazi germany than in the civil war, which just so happened to be caused by the power vacuum left by nazi germany and the british

    2 wrongs don’t make a right

  8. Whilst it may be unsavoury to many that some of the Senior leadership holds a favourable view of some of the positive achievements of the Third Reich, it is still an exaggeration to believe that if Golden Dawn came to power they would open gas chambers for certain racial groups or whatever activities certain historians allege the Nazis engaged in. I don’t believe that even the extreme leftwing of Greece believes deep down that Golden Dawn has any intention to commit a genocide, and certainly Golden Dawn rejects any accusations that it has any plan to do such a thing. Golden Dawn prioritises the deportation of illegal immigrants, and does not believe in race mixing, as they view it as leading to extinction of unique races. This does not make them potential mass murderers.

  9. they hold no such favorable view of any positive achievements, of which if there were any they were all negated by the tens of millions who died at their hands, and instead, just like their nazi ancestors who colluded with the germans, praise all the bad elements of them.

    “whatever activities certain historians allege the Nazis engaged in”

    nice use of the word “allege” you holocaust denier.

    Golden Dawn praises the ruthless murderous Junta and as exhibited here and on stormfront, they have plans to eliminate all jews and non-white people from Greece in one way or another.

    this isn’t about politics. i hate nazis and any real Greek should as well given Greece’s suffering during ww2, but i guess all the atrocities that happened were alleged, right?. my disgust is moreso for their politicians and the hardline supporters, not the ones who voted for them out of spite for ND/PASOK, who as you pointed out are also criminals.