Michaloliakos Doesn’t Exclude Collective Resignation of the Parliament

michaloliakos collective resignationAfter the official statements of Nikos Michaloliakos, the political developments are moving rapidly and the elections remain a possibility.

The leader of the Golden Dawn stressed that they will exhaust all legal means, and he didn’t exclude, nor confirm the collective resignation of the Golden Dawn’s MPs, something that will lead to elections in the 15 regions that have elected a representative of Golden Dawn. In addition, he stressed that his party is displeased with those who “sell out” Greece and that his party is not a criminal organization.

He also stated that: “The rise of Golden Dawn displeased those who plunder the sweat of people. Golden Dawn will by all means defend its political entity and honor. The criminals are those who made the country go bankrupt. In the framework of our legal and institutional rights, we will exhaust all means to defend our political honor.”

He concluded: “If the country enters into a destabilization circle, Golden Dawn won’t be liable. The Golden Dawn party defends itself.”

Referring to the scenarios of collective resignation of Golden Dawn MPs, the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA Dimitris Papadimoulis said:

“If they do it, SYRIZA will turn the elections into a double referendum against Nazism and the memorandum into a step for the national elections. This is a criminal organization,” he said for Golden Dawn, adding: ” this is a political issue and it doesn’t only concern the justice and the police.”

He also accused the government of using Golden Dawn as a curtain in order to hide the memorandum and the new measures.



  1. In the end I would not be surprised if Golden Dawn benefits from being under attack by the entire Greek political-media establishment. The below is an excerpt from an article released today by the Leftist newspaper guardian titled:

    “Greece’s democracy in danger, warns Demos, as Greek reservists call for coup”

    FEARS ARE GROWING THAT INSTEAD OF REINING IN THE EXTREMIST ORGANIZATION, THE CRACKDOWN ON THE GROUP MAY ULTIMATELY CREATE A BACKLASH. The party, whose leaders publicly admire Adolf Hitler and have adopted an emblem resembling the swastika, have held their ground in opinion polls despite a wave of public outrage. Golden Dawn, which won nearly 7% of the vote in elections last year and has 18 MPs in Athens’ 300-member parliament, has capitalised more than any other political force on Greece’s economic crisis. “MUCH WILL DEPEND ON HOW WELL IT WILL WITHSTAND THE PRESSURE AND THEY ARE TOUGH GUYS WHO SEEM TO BE WITHSTANDING IT WELL,” said Giorgos Kyrtsos, a political commentator.


  2. Έχουνε κλάση μαλλί ο Μπούλης και ο Κλάψας!

    Και καλά αδικημένοι τα τομάρια.

    Ρε ουστ παλιό φασιστόμουτρα!

    θα σκάσει μάπα!

  3. “emblem resembling the swastika”. Really? It looks nothing like the swastika. The Guardian is a pathetic rag — who clearly have no interest in the facts, rather they’re more interested in distortion. It’s a Greek Meander, you useless tools.

  4. The guardian is merely a leftist propaganda outlet which spreads disinformation on various European nationalist movements.

  5. This is a criminal organization,” he said for Golden Dawn, adding: ”
    this is a political issue and it doesn’t only concern the justice and
    the police.”


    You’re selling out your own country to the jew, and you have the nerve to call those who oppose this “criminals” ? The maggots that make up the so-called “mainstream politicians”, both in Greece and the rest of Europe, aren’t fit to be made into dog food.

  6. Golden Dawn put the screws on the gov’t yesterday.

    After one of them killed a leftist the news media and the
    gov’t plastered all of them on the news as followers of Hitler. Their response
    is to quit from the parliament. That means that while the gov’t is desperately
    trying NOT to go for elections, they shoved the stick up their ass by their
    threat to quit.

    This means that Pasok and ND will now have to worry about
    Syriza and Golden Dawn on election time which will be forced to happen because
    when a party quits the parliament is disolved.

  7. Ripsokindine it is really not as you describe it. These are half truths what you say. The Hitler part has nothing to do with the murder of a Greek citizen by a fascist who does nor believe in personal freedoms such as of speech and ideas. The way you put it it sounds like you are either in GD or a sympathizer because immediately you bring up PASOK, ND, SYRIZA….
    The problem is fascism, paramilitary groups, people who think they are above the law, and criminal activities such as protection, illegal weapons, attacks with the intent to create great body harm, and murders PLURAL, there are five of them in case you have not read about it.


    It appears Fyssas was killed after a giant bar fight where initially XA was outnumbered. And I don’t think anyone who calls himself “Killah P” is a man of peace.

    The Far Right and Far Left have gangs that attack each other. Calling a parliamentary party “a criminal organisation” suddenly is selective enforcement – at best.