Unable to Pay Fees, Elderly Man Gives up House

spiti ierapetra dilosi

An 83-year-old man, named Antonis Margetakis, resident of Metaxohori village in Ierapetra, on the island of Crete, took the decision to give up his house to the Municipality of Ierapetra as he was unable to pay all the fees.

Margetakis said he took this decision as he felt indignant at the unjustified fees the municipality imposed on his tumbledown residence, which does not even have doors.

The 83-year-old, who has mobility problems, lives with his wife on a pension of €342 per month, according to Greek media reports.

The elderly man addressed a local radio station to publicly express the difficult times he and his wife are facing. “I do not have money to pay the taxes. I donate my house to the Municipality,” Margetakis said.


  1. I am ashamed to say I am Greek citizen after what this government with all it’s corrupt politicians caused to the country…Our Greek politicians should be hanged without any trials for treason and the unjust and the misery brought to us…This government should be replaced because it failed in its duty to provide “health, education, justice and security” as required by the Constitution…

  2. Where were you two when Greece was living high on the hog, spending more than they earned?? How come you didn’t ask where the money was coming from?? It’s fine now you are upset, but common sense says, you should have said, why is the big fat greek public sector allowed to get more bloated. When the money, wine, and decadence was flowing, where were you all to complain and say something about the excesses…

  3. I myself cannot do anything. I complained but no one listened to me. They all called me crazy. In 1984, I said the day will come when the country will have prblems with its economy, they said to me you should be in a psychiatric hospital. Now that the country is bankrupt some of these people who accused me of being crazy cannot look at me on the other hand I wasn’t living in Greece.

  4. They were hiring foreign workers to clean there houses and build there pools and Tax was a funny word Idiots and Germans only paid.

    “Ta fagame mazi “

  5. Samaras and Merkel should be proud of what they have achieved. Bringing people to the lowest level of existance. Europe the socialist continent what a joke!
    They are to blame for the creating the violent atmosphere but I guess that Germany welcomes the new reich.
    Let’s watch all of Europe come crashing down like the wall did!

  6. Bob if your living in the western world, then you too are living ‘high on the hog”. America is lifting its debt ceiling as we speak and one day this will be your future. No country in the Western world is in surplus.

  7. The debt is created on purpose. Private ownership of homes will be a thing of the past. Serfdom is back ….

  8. But our USA name holds more weight so we will continue to stay in debt and afloat for at least awhile longer as we always have.


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