What Golden Dawn Believes In

Golden Dawn statuteThe statute of the Golden Dawn adopts military hierarchy and a secret separate structure for hit squads, referring to the respective features of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party).

The statute, which was revealed by the Greek journal “Efimerida ton Syntakton”, shows the military hierarchy of the organization, as well as the fact that all decisions are taken by a rigidly centralized model, with the leader being on top.

The “Bible” of Golden Dawn was written in 1987, it is small-sized and stamped with the organization’s emblem, in red color.

Golden Dawn’s principles are similar to those of the NSDAP, and its concept of racial purity. The uncompromising ideology is National Socialism and its historic examples, with Hitler’s Germany being the “most brilliant.”

The indisputable leader is the National Socialist Leader, who is the “Normative Authority, the interpreter of our blood’s secret voice.”

The People’s Association is the “political expression” of the organization, responsible for ensuring its domination.

Golden Dawn’s structure is extremely complex, with six directories divided into sections, according to the established activities of the party:

–        Department of Racial Research

–        Department of Training of the Members

–        Department of Defense Core Organization

Golden Dawn’s “administrative” hierarchy coincides with the military structure required for the action of the People’s Association, while the organizational hierarchy is limited to the simple propagandist activities of Golden Dawn.


  1. All organizations have hierarchy, and leadership. Antonis Samaras gives orders to his corrupt political party New Democracy, as Evangelos Venizelos gives orders to his corrupt party Pasok.

    Department of Racial Research – What is wrong with researching any topic?

    Department of Training of the Members – Since when was there anything wrong or sinister about an organization training it’s members?

    Department of Defense Core Organization – Note the word “defense”. Since when has there been anything wrong with having a defensive capability?

  2. “What Golden Dawn Believes In?”

    I don’t believe they have a manifesto so its almost impossible to get a clear picture of what they believe in. No other party has been voted for by so many without having clear political policies. I’d love to know what Golden Dawn actually stands for politically apart from attacking and murdering immigrants and any others who they do not see a fit to belong in Greece.

    If I have to go by what their supporters here on Greek Reporter believe in, I would have to say:

    1) All people who disagree with them are traitors, not really Greek, treasonous, leftie communist anarchists and all deserve to die.

    2) Think it’s ok to assault women and any other perceived enemies.

    3) Want to landmine the borders of Greece which is an abhorrent idea rejected by all sane human beings. Blowing up innocent men, women and children who are trying to reach Europe is inhuman.

    4) Blame the countries woes on immigrants and treasonous, leftie communist anarchists.

    5) Think their is nothing wrong with admiring Hitler, denying the Holocaust and having swastika tattoos. They turn round and say that only some of their members follow Hitler and his ideology but those SOME are their leader and their spokesman (at the very least)

    Ummmmm… that’s about it from what I glean here.

    Am I missing something?

  3. They’re experiencing an increase in people voting for them, and it may be counterproductive for them to be more clear about what they believe in. This clarity would only come in if their constituents start clamoring for this information. And so far, they’re not prioritizing this information.

  4. I think that we’re coming to a time where people will simply agree with Golden Dawn’s platforms and policies as they stand. They won’t be “scandalized” by it, because things are so bad, that being “scandalized” or “morally outraged” is a luxury they can no longer afford.

  5. You think these people belong in Greece? >




    1) I wonder why they would think that?…

    … ‘Anarchists prove that “Anti-Golden Dawn” riot is in fact
    “Anti-Greek” by burning the Greek flag’: http://xaameriki.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/anarchists-prove-that-anti-golden-dawn-riot-is-in-fact-anti-greek-by-burning-the-greek-flag-%CE%AC%CE%B3%CF%81%CE%B9%CE%BF-%CE%BE%CF%8D%CE%BB%CE%BF-%CE%B1%CF%80%CF%8C-%CE%B1%CE%BD%CE%B1/

    I’m not going to waste my time replying to the rest of your
    drivel, suffice it to say that one can gather some information on what Golden Dawn believes here: http://xaameriki.wordpress.com/the-manifesto-of-golden-dawn/

  6. Strange how all the little golden dawners post YouTube videos and gd’s own website as “proof” of everything. No gd manifesto stating exactly what they believe in. Truth is people here don’t know what golden dawn believe because it’s never been stated in full; as in a manifesto like proper political parties do. Even boy scouts have a written ideology. Where is golden dawn’s? Where can the electorate read it in full?