Golden Dawn Crackdown Gets World’s Attention

times_Gorden_DawnNews of the arrest of the far-right Golden Dawn party, Nikolaos Michaloliakos and other party MP’s is traveling around the world.

According to the BBC, “The Greek police arrested the leader of the far-right Golden Dawn party, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, on charges of forming a criminal organization. The article claims that the arrests come after the explosion of rage over the murder of “anti-racist musician” Pavlos Fyssas.”

At the same time, the Turkish Hurriyet talks about suppression, after the threat of mass resignation by the party, “a move that could lead to elections a country which is suffering from the financial crisis and the painful measures the government has imposed.”

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz described Golden Dawn as a neo-Nazi party. In the same article it is reported that,  “The Greek society moves against the violent and Nazi ideology of Golden Dawn.”

Golden Dawn’s rise is the effect of the economic crisis, according to the New York Times. “The financial crisis led to the increase of violence and to an anti-immigrant sentiment.”

The international news agency Reuters reported that the Greek police are under investigation for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in connection with Golden Dawn.

 The Wall Street Journal reported that the Greek government wants to characterize Golden Dawn as a criminal organization.

 Also, the Arabic Al Jazeera, Sky News, the French News Agency, the Russian Toda, the British ITV, the Italian Ansa and the Spanish El Mundo report the news of the arrest of Golden Dawn’s  leader and MP’s.


  1. Arresting GD party head doesn’t achieve anything…Pasok and ND past and present politicians should’ve been arrested instead, they are the ones who looted the country’s wealth and bankrupt it’s economy and not GD…

  2. Desperate measures by a failed System. The question remains: is Greek to be ruled by Greeks or jews?

  3. The fact the whole world is watching is beautiful. Golden Dawn’s support base will grow exponentially. We are seeing just how rotten and corrupt the current system is. “Democracy” doesn’t exist — it never existed. It’s a lie, that is being used as a curtain to hide those that are really in charge of Greece and the Western world in general… The International Jew. The bankers; the money lenders. Whatever you want to call them, they all belong to the same racist and ethnic tribe.

  4. I think a better question is which group of Greeks will administer the country, intolerent racist right wingers or a more moderate grouping aligned towards the political centre.

  5. You mean…PASOK? We’ve already had that for a few decades, and how did that work out – you jackass

  6. Where are all the Leftists who used to claim that Golden Dawn is in collusion with the Greek security services, and that Golden Dawn is the long arm of the state? All I see is Golden Dawn MP’s being handcuffed by Greek police and led into prison. The Leftists will no longer be able to say that Golden Dawn is the long arm of the state without looking ridiculous. I also saw a TV interview today with a Greek legal expert who has seen the charges and said that they are so flimsy there is no chance the Greek judiciary will be able to succeed in labelling Golden Dawn a criminal organization. It is worth noting that this legal expert also announced that he is a supporter of leftwing politics and completely anti-Golden Dawn.

  7. Is that all you’ve got? You didn’t counter a single one of my points. Good lord, what is wrong with people these days — signs of a failed education system.

  8. What is happening to Greece is the perfect example of what happens when Jews don’t show any restraint in sucking an economy and a nation dry. The Golden Dawn rising up is only the beginning of the end for these parasites.

    And you Jews better know that what you are doing to the Golden Dawn now will be done to you in every country in the world by 1000 fold when the shoe is on the other foot.

  9. He is holding on to that purse and nobody will take ti away from him. He must smell awful too!