Illegal Guns in Michaloliakos’ Home

3AB3A91BA4759CA95A14102CB9542B8BThree illegal guns (a pistol, a revolver and a shotgun) were found in Nikolaos Michaloliakos‘ home, and are to undergo ballistics tests, the media reported.

Reportedly, the Golden Dawn leader does not possess a firearms license. Moreover, bullets and cartridges, 43,100 euros in cash, computers and a USB were also found in his house.

Investigations into the homes of other arrested cadres and members of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party are still in progress by the Hellenic police and the prosecutors.

Party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, along with four lawmakers and several other members of the far-right party, were among those arrested on September 28 by the Greek Police on charges of founding a criminal organization.


  1. Αν είσαι μαλάκας στο μυαλό και τον μπέρνις χαιρέτισε Ναζιστικά για να το ξέρουμε όλη! Aaaaaa….έτσι μπράβο!

  2. People have a natural right to arm themselves. And perhaps the “police” should tell us, why they dressed like terrorists abducting the Golden Dawn politicians.

  3. Why should they tel you Andrea Meyer?
    Would you have rather had them dressed up as Nazi Germans instead?
    We like our anti-terror police just the way they are.