Weak Support For Golden Dawn


What if Golden Dawn has pinned its hopes on “half a million supporters” stressed Nikolaos Michaloliakos. The supporters of the neo-fascist party gathered outside the police headquarters today after the arrests, are no more than a few dozen. They came in order to support their political leader, MP’s and Golden Dawn members who have been arrested.

Golden Dawn supporters, many wearing the party’s black T-shirts and waving Greek flags, gathered outside the Athen’s police headquarters, spurred on a text message reportedly sent by the party to “support our moral and just struggle against the corrupt system.” Michaloliakos and his chief lieutenant, the party’s spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, were inside the building.
Moreover, those waving flags, didn’t miss the opportunity to shout the ” Blood, Honor, Golden Dawn” slogan along with several others against journalists.


  1. What is your point you fascist pig? Doesn’t sound like it is your week is it?
    A few hundred here a few dozen there? Come out with it spit it out….
    θα φαΐ η μίγκα σίδερο και το κουνούπι ατσάλι σκτοπορδες!

  2. Wait till the marches happen, can’t wait to see the Special Forces Reservist unions response to having there march banned, GD will be Joining them.

  3. Greece needs tourism for their economy. As a Greek American I can assure you tourists will stay away if the GD decides to have violent marches. You my boy do not realize Greece is broke and is depending on EU and IMF money. Americans do not like Nazis and will not support any government that doesn’t curtail the Nazis.

  4. I cannot wait to drive my foot UP their ASS and every single one of their supporters……oh I do hope it happens soon so we can clean house from the filth!

  5. GD doesn’t care about Tourism since It’ll rely on Natural resources and the land for the Wealth, which should’ve been done decades ago

    The Jewish Bankers can stick the non-existent Debt (Since it doesn’t belong to the Greek People but to the Politicians) up the piehole.

  6. We will see. The wannabe part is for those who get caught. Did you see that face of your leader? What was he constipated, nervous, xestike pou’klane? What exactly?
    I promise you Nazi Golden Dawn and all its supporters, no matter what color beret they are wearing, will learn to sing the song backwards and it will make me very proud to be the conductor.

  7. Golden Dawn will not be classified as a criminal organization.
    They will defend themselves successfully against the charges and emerge as a wrongly accused political party. Imagine the repercussions for the rotten political-media establishment!
    I just saw a TV interview with a Greek legal expert, who announced that he was a Leftist, and completely anti-Golden Dawn. This legal expert then went on to say that he has seen the list of charges, and they are so flimsy that there is no chance at all of Golden Dawn being convicted as a criminal organization. He guaranteed that even as a Leftist, he had to acknowledge that Golden Dawns MP’s would emerge with a not guilty verdict and he was angered because he believed that the in the long run Golden Dawn will take advantage of the inevitable not guilty verdict to boost their image and support. They will be able to say that they went through the judicial process, were found to be innocent, and will then demand that PASOK, New Democracy etc be taken to court for mass financial crimes! New Democracy and PASOK have now set the precedent were political leaders can be arrested en-masse. In the end they will regret it, as they will also wind up in court one day, and the verdicts against them will be guilty!

  8. America is a joke. They are $17 TRILLION in debt, they are going down in the very near future.

  9. unfortunately Greece does rely on foreign tourism. The problem is Greece does not have a highly developed industrial and information economy which means most exports are minimally processed raw materials.

    Claims like you will rely on the natural wealth of the country will look optimistic if you consider the room you are sitting in – consider your imported computer, tv and even the light bulb hanging from the ceiling. If you are lucky you will have a mostly Greek made Intracom modem.

    Greece needs foreign investment but it won’t get it whilst thugs roam the street picking on immigrents.

  10. “I cannot wait to drive my foot UP their ASS and every single one of their supporters”

    You’re going to take on thousands of their supporters alone? I would like to see that… No, really, please attempt that, I would love to see it.

  11. Greece was raided….the loans to Greece are nothing but creative accounting tricks. The last 130 billion went back to the EU the next day BUT the loan was expensed into the Greek books and the debt left to grow.

  12. And should be. The creative accounting swindle place on Greece is nothing but criminal. Google Greg Palast “Vultures Picnic” to see how the Greek people have been robbed.

  13. Why does this paper seem to attract all the low lifes from Greece (gd party). It seems that gd attract the low educated, unemployed idiots into there ranks.

  14. My god, this propaganda is worse than the garbage they used to put in Soviet media.

    The real story: the police closed off the streets in front of the courts and would not allow anyone that looks even remotely pro Golden Dawn through. That is precisely why the pro-Golden Dawn demonstrators earlier on were not wearing the shirts. The police are trying to control exactly how many protesters are allowed to get through the street to stand in front of the court house…for obvious reasons.

    Stop publishing lies and disinformation, everyone should read the real facts over here http://www.xaameriki.wordpress.com

  15. Sound form the picture above, not very flattering of you btw, your teeth on your avatar looks better, that you have my IP and you want to settle this. Ia ma waiting with a brand new boot with your name on it!
    Come on over I am right here then, and bring some friends I like partouzes!

  16. They should arrest them on the spot or bit the krp out of them just the way it was during dictatorship. A taste of you own medicine is not good now is it fasistomoutra!

  17. Όταν καλλιεργείς την κουλτούρα βίας, όταν της προσδίδεις ιδεολογικοπολιτικά χαρακτηριστικά, όταν τη διαχέεις συστηματικά στην κοινωνία και ιδιαιτέρως στη νεολαία, τότε οδηγείς με μαθηματική ακρίβεια σε περιστατικά όπως αυτό του Κερατσινίου. Κάποια στιγμή, κάποιο μέλος σου θα κάνει το παραπάνω βήμα και οι συνήθεις ξυλοδαρμοί θα μετατραπούν σε δολοφονία.