Greek Golden Dawn MP Turns Himself In

pappasA Member of Parliament from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party wanted in a roundup of its members on charges of belonging to a criminal organization gave himself up to police on the morning of Sept. 29, officials said, waving as he was surrounded by a squadron of media.

Christos Pappas, described by prosecutors as the right-hand of the party leader Nikos Michaloliakos, who was arrested a day before along with four other of his MP’s, showed up at police headquarters.

Like five other Golden Dawn lawmakers now in custody, Pappas will be formally charged with membership in a criminal organization with intent to commit crimes, in an escalation of a government crackdown after a fatal stabbing blamed on a supporter charged with killing a 34-year-old anti-fascist hip-hop artist with a knife.

This is the first time since 1974 that sitting members of a Greek Parliament have been arrested as the government of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who had been charged with going soft on the party that was blamed for a rampage of violence since being elected 15 months ago, including scores of assaults on immigrants, leftists, Communists and gay, cracked down after the murder.

Golden Dawn has 18 seats in Parliament and its support was rising from the 6.97 percent it won last year to nearly double that in some polls this year before plummeting in the wake of the killing.


  1. A real man, Hiding makes you look guilty, So he handed himself in, a Man of Steel

    Long live Golden Dawn!

  2. Golden Dawn has not “plummeted” in the wake of the so-called “killing”. Stop spreading lies, Mr. Dabilis. Golden Dawn are still sitting on 15%. In fact, I would love to see what they are on now, since the people have been showed how their Politicians react to a party they don’t like — by exercising a sort of tyranny not seen since the days of the Soviet Union.

  3. I fail to see what this post has to do with the story, aside from being an outward expression of someone’s repressed sexual fantasy’s apparently involving the Golden Dawn member mentioned in the story.

    The only truthful thing about your post is that there would, indeed, be Paki’s in prison — because they would have assaulted or raped an ethnic Greek, which then went on to be unreported and suppressed by the Left-wing media because of Political Correctness and an anti-Greek bias.

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    anyway some bending overs of DG leaders would be a good lecture against racism.

  5. In what was seen as a tactical move to HAMSTRING THE PARTY’S command and RISING POPULARITY in a country plagued by an economic crisis, Mr Michaloliakos and his top deputies were the first to be arrested in the early hours of the morning.
    Some 35 warrants were issued against party members, and 17 arrested on charges of forming a “criminal organisation”.
    “What you are doing is not right,” Mr Michaloliakos protested, as he was led away from his Athens home, which also reportedly contained guns. “The truth will shine.”
    “It is a success for the government, BUT NOT THE END OF GOLDEN DAWN,” said Dimitris Sotiropoulos, an associate professor of politics at Athens university.
    Last night, some legal experts warned that the action, and potential procedural oversights, could undermine the cases against those detained.

  6. We at Golden Dawn will NEVER FORGET the 15 year old girl Myrto who was RAPED and BASHED into a COMA by a vile subhuman illegal Pakistani immigrant!

    Here is an excerpt of the statement this subhuman Pakistani gave to Greek police about the heinous crime he committed.

    “I turned the girl on her back and hit her with a large stone, about five kilograms in weight, over the left eye. I took her by the neck and tried to hide her in a cleft, but she resisted and cursed me. I was hitting her with the stone continuously… I saw her face bleeding and threw the stone into the sea. In the beginning, I decided to steal her mobile phone to sell it and send the money to my sick mother in Pakistan, who needs it. To be able to get close to her I pretended that I was speaking on the phone. Then I pressed her in order not to allow her to respond and took her phone. She was moving and I hit her several times on the body by hand. I took off her pants and bathing suit and raped her. I wiped myself with her clothes. I threw away her bathing suit and pants to prevent her from escaping quickly and seeking help. Then I tried to hide her in the cleft and began hitting her with a stone. I left her there and went to the restaurant where I worked. I threw the phone in the hotel waste.”

  7. New Democracy Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos, and SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, will share the same fate as Romanian communist President turned dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. The Greek people will attend to that in the not too distant future.

  8. Such crimes are horrible and the perpetrator would justly be convicted. Crime does not know race and Geography…
    But you criminals that follow the doctrine of hate based on race, religion, ethnicity, language and so on and so forth are the most dangerous spices, because you encourage collective punishment …..Just dare again and you Nazi FILTH will disappear…..You shame all of us. PTU

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  11. bla bla bla . . . nobody claims the end of Golden Dawn as a political and social idea. Just like weeds, disease, and pests there are always conditions under which they can thrive but as a whole they are ways to deal with them.Obviously to fanatics such as you any information by anyone is encouraging so I do not blame your enthusiasm.

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  14. Nazi sympathizers, go find a cave, enter it and never go out.

    You do more harm to Greece than anyone else

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    Ilias Kasidiaris hid more than that back when authorities were looking for him after he attacked a middle aged female PM of KKE.

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  20. Full of personal attacks and narrow-minded projections. Void of constructive content and rational critique. How can anyone take Leftists seriously?

  21. “Prisons filled with anarchists and immigrants “.

    This doesn’t surprise me; nor should it surprise anyone.

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