Muslims Of Thrace Ask For Bilingual Education


The minority of Thrace, addressed a request letter to the Greek Minister of Education Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos, for the creation of bilingual minority kindergartens.

The announcement published in the Turkish media was, “The Friendship Equality and Peace Party (FEP) sent a letter to the Education Minister, Mr Arvanitopoulos, asking the creation of Minority Kindergartens that are to provide education both in Turkish and Greek.”

In its letter, the FEP Party highlighted that minority education is a guaranteed right of the minority and must be applied at all stages of compulsory education.

It has been noted that the demand for bilingual minority kindergartens is a democratic requirement of the minority, and that kindergarten is actually the preparation period for primary education, so in order to better prepare children for elementary school, bilingual kindergartens are a necessity.

The FEP Party’s letter on kindergartens, has also been sent to East Macedonia and Thrace Governor Aris Giannakidis and to MP’s of Xanthi, Rodopi and Evros prefectures.



  1. I am in full support of these Turkish classes in my home town in Thrace. I want my five children to know their true origins.

  2. It would actually be a wise idea, because when Golden Dawn comes to power in Greece, you and your children will be deported back to Turkey; and it would help if your 5 kids had a firm grasp on the language before that happens.

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  4. Yet more Muslims demanding free handouts, while imposing their culture over the native Europeans.

    Thank you leftists! When European civilization is dead and gone, the rest of the western world won’t be blaming Islam. They’ll be blaming the Left.

  5. That is – unfortunately – quite possible. The reason why, is because Greek government incompetance, and greedy Greek border patrol guards who are obviously corrupt, have engineered a “forced” immigraton of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that CANNOT be absorbed into the greek economy, CANNOT participate in greek society, and CANNOT participate in elections! So Greeks get angry, immigrants get angry, and only one terrible outcome will be used to quickly solve this problem by the inept greek government of the day: forced repatriation of all non-greek citizens resulting in the worst national image for Greece inEurope and around the world. Proof that STRONG BORDERS, proscectoon of ALL CORRUPT OFFICIALS, and FAIR & ETHICAL immigration policies will make Greece a better country and help to absorb any deserving immigrants. …. no mater what their religion or ethnicity or skin colour. !

  6. What are “deserving immigrants”? There are plenty of able-bodied Greeks that can be trained up to do the work; allowing *some* skilled immigrants in will only lead to the same problems we are having today, again. The country has plenty of able-bodied Greeks that can be trained up and put into work with none of this “we need Immigrants to do xyz job”.