Matsias Refused to Play for Rybolovlev

kllll_533_355Acclaimed Greek clarinet player Vangelis Matsias refused Russian typhoon, Dmitry Rybolovlev’s proposal to play on the Greek island of Skorpios, which the businessman bought from the estate of the late Greek shipping giant Aristotle Onassis..

According to “” Matsias was asked by Rybolovlev’s staff to participate in a special Greek night feast but declined the invitation.

The proposal Matsias received was clear: the new owner of Skorpios wanted a night which reminded of Greece, not only musically but stylistically as well, since those who would take part in the event should be dressed in white chitons and an olive branch on their heads.

The offer was said to be lucrative. The Epirote musician thanked the Russian tycoon politely  and refused the proposal saying he didn’t want a Greek tradition to become a Hollywood caricature according to the requirements of the foreign “patrons”. The clarinet player and his orchestra have performed around Greece and particularly Epirus offering moments of good traditional music.


  1. Ms Flora, on the first paragraph, I believe you meant to say “tycoon”, not “typhoon”, yet this is the one word that also shows up on the text summary. Just a heads up.