Greek Golden Dawn Suspects Released

Kasidiaris_Panagio1After a marathon all-afternoon, all-night session that began on Oct. 1 and ended on the morning of Oct. 2 – and during which they denied charges of murder, assault, blackmail and money laundering – three of four lawmakers from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, including spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, were given conditional release by a Greek court.

Also freed until their cases are resumed were Ilias Panayiotaros and Nikos Michos, while Yiannis Lagos remained in custody. It happened only hours before the party leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos was to be brought to court to be questioned. His second-in-command, Christos Pappas, is due in court on Oct. 3.

The six MPS were the highest-ranking members of the party in a sweep led by police on Sept. 28 in the aftermath of the killing of a 34-year-old anti-fascist hip-hop artist by a man police said was connected to the extremists. Ironically, just as they were released, a war siren sounded as part of a scheduled drill.

Kasidiaris’ bail was set at 50,000 euros and he was barred from leaving the country, although it was not reported if his passport was confiscated. Panayiotaros and Michos were released without bail but also required to stay in Greece.

The court said there would be no pre-trial detention because the suspects weren’t believed to be flight risks. Although it’s not allowed, Kasidiaris kept his cell phone while in detention and was seen making calls and sending messages on Twitter.

In their depositions they argued that their arrests were unconstitutional and that all the evidence against them was fabricated, although they didn’t say by whom. The newspaper Kathimerini reported it was told by a source that Kasidiaris named a man he believed to be one of two key witnesses in the case, whose identity was supposed to have been protected by the state.

The government is moving to to prove that Golden Dawn is a criminal gang in an attempt to break it up. The suspects denied that the party had a Nazi-like chain-of-command that was followed after the killing of Pavlos Fyssas. The suspect in that case, Giorgos Roupakias, is still being held.

The government also has purged the police force, believed to have ties to the extremists, who’ve been accused of leading hundreds of assaults on immigrants, leftists, Communists and gays. A former chief of the Aghios Panteleimonas police station was arrested on Oct. 2 and was being questioned by the department regarding his ties to Golden Dawn.


  1. i don’t agree with banning a party

    that is a separate issue from arresting criminals within a political party

    most of the violence in Greece is actually committed by Albanians (also the largest % of the prison population), XAs attacking illegals, and of course the “anarchy” which i’d say happens from both the left and the right.

  2. I’m not sure but thes8niki seems to be part of the other extreme (the far left nitwits that support commies like Syriza). He complains about GD violence (which he is right to do) but then says next to nothing to condemn the constant violence by far leftist extremists and anarchists (apparently the constant riots these groups start are “protest” not terrorism)

  3. Just as many (if not more) Greeks were directly murdered by Greeks that supported communists than Greeks that supported fascism. Both Syriza and Golden Dawn are traitors to Hellenism. They care far more about extremist foreign imported ideology than the Greek people.

  4. Golden Dawn’s violence should be condemned but why is it that many of those that claim to be “moderates” say next to nothing to condemn violence started by communist extremists that support Syriza? How many more violent riots do we need to have before people realize that although they may not be racist communist parties like Syriza are just as extreme as Golden Dawn?

    Does anyone still remember the cold war? The millions massacred and oppressed by communist fanatics? The single party communist dictatorships that communists frame as “democracy”.

  5. Of there is no good violence then were are all those that condemn Golden Dawn when it comes time to condemning constant violence by communists and anarchists? Does fighting one extreme mean that the other is morally acceptable?

  6. That’s not fair. Greece was under occupation. Nazis setup puppet governments whose sole purpose was to manage their newly conquered territory.

    Let us not forget it was the rightwing Metaxas government that fought the fascists while the communist were busy dividing Poland with their allies the National Socialists (Nazis). Lets not forget the communists only ended up fighting the Nazis when they betrayed the Soviet Union by invading them.

    Lets also not forget that Greek communists subsequently betrayed their own country and fought for IMRO. Greek communists didn’t fight for Greece. They fought for communism.

    We should all condemn fascism but we should equally condemn the other extreme of communism.

  7. Your rants against the moderation of ND/Pasok sound just like the communists. You and thes8niki sound the same. One is a fascist. The other a communist.

  8. XA are extremist nationalist but when it comes to the treason Syriza is the party to vote for.

  9. AussieGreek is an extremist but he is right about the massacres by communists. Why do you only condemn GD here? Do you sympathize with treasonous communist extremists like Tsipiras?

  10. I noticed this inconsistency too. Some posters here that condemn extremists like Golden Dawn, are the same posters that say nothing to condemn communist extremists like Tsipiras. It makes it appear like they using the extremism of Golden Dawn as smokescreen to push communist extremism.

  11. I hate fascism too and find Golden Dawn are extreme but I’m not sure I believe you that you vote for Independent Greeks. IG is a right wing splinter party of ND that strongly opposes communism. I’ve observed you constantly attack the right wing. This is hardly a position of rightwing Independent Greeks.

    I would also point out you didn’t actually answer my question. Let me ask you a few questions to hopefully clarify a misunderstanding on my part.

    a. Do you agree that some of those sympathetic to Syriza engaged in violent protest and terrorism?

    b. Do you agree Syriza are treasonous? (Their positions on illegal immigration are 180 against Independent Greeks and some of them even support VMRO in name dispute)

    c. Do you agree that Syriza is an extremist party?

  12. Golden Dawn’s antics still doesn’t change the fact Meligalas atrocities that were committed by communists. We should be condemning both sides of political extremism that have arisen in Greece not just one side.

    Didn’t you say claim to support Independent Greeks above? Surely we can agree then that communists like Syriza should also be condemned.

  13. The communists are treasonous idiots but I fail to see how supporting fascism makes GD any less idiots.

  14. Thes8niki does appear to be a liar.

    He said above that he votes for “Independent Greeks” but any actually Independent Greek voter would be disgusted by any one that defended the massacring of Greeks by communists during the civil war. (including the Greeks the communists murdered in Meligala)

  15. it’s not an atrocity to murder nazi collaborators

    The Security Battalions were Greek collaborationist military groups, formed during the Axis occupation of Greece during World War II in order to support the German occupation troops.

    their oath “I swear by God this sacred oath, that I will obey absolutely the orders of the Supreme Commander of the German Army, Adolf Hitler. I will with loyal dedication perform my duties and obey without condition the orders of my superiors. I fully acknowledge that any objection to the obligations hereby accepted will lead to my punishment by the German Military Authorities.”

    i think the relevant comparison with XA is pasok/kke. syriza just like XA is a rebellion against the ND/PASOK traitors. like i said if XA ditched their allegiance to hitler, which they inherently can’t , i wouldn’t really have a problem with them.

  16. sorry those murdered at meligalas are security battalion nazi collaborator traitors.

    yes i am disgusted with what happened in the civil war. where did i say i wasn’t? oh or are you being a fool by equating one being anti-nazi/xa as being pro-commie?

    hi a lex

    guest = curious = moderation = extremist = treason = truth= a lex