Kasidiaris Assaults and Threatens Journalists


Four Golden Dawn MP’s were set free today. Elias Kasidiaris, Elias Panagiotaros and Nikos Michos were released on bail. Their withdrawal from Evelpidon Court was undoubtedly really provocative. Kasidiaris started yelling and assaulting Greek journalists who were standing outside Evelpidon.

After applauding their friend and Golden Dawn MP Yiannis Lagos, who was detained, the three released GD members walked to the gate of the courts.

Kasidiaris with his left hand struck the camera a cameraman from the international news agency Reuters was holding and continued walking towards the exit of the courts with Elias Panagiotaros on his right.

After a few seconds, Kasidiaris kicked a photographer who tried to take his picture and continued walking fast. Shortly before leaving the main gate of the courts, Kasidiaris ragging, pushed and threw down a cameraman from the Greek TV station Alpha.

On Saturday Kasidiaris spat at the television cameras while cursing journalists with swear words.