Released Golden Dawn MP’s Claim Victory

Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris leaving court after being released
Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris leaving court after being released with two other MP’s

Three senior lawmakers from Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn who were released from pre-trial detention while facing an array of charges including murder, extortion and money laundering stormed out in anger, with one of them, party spokesman, punching and kicking photographers while they shouted triumphantly.

Some 32 people have been arrested, including party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and his second-in-command, Christos Pappas, also both MP’s, who were due in court on Oct. 3 on charges of running a criminal gang.

The release of three of four MP’s, with one still held, was seen as a huge setback for the government’s attempt to break up the party with legal means in the wake of the murder of an anti-fascist for which one of its members was taken into custody.

The decision to free the men after a marathon, 18-hour court session raises questions about how strong the state’s case against Golden Dawn is, some analysts said, and it even raised the notion that Justice Minister Haralambos Athanasiou might be forced out, although he denied he would resign.

Party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris and fellow lawmakers Ilias Panagiotaros and Nikos Michos stormed out of the court to cheers of “bravo” from supporters. They shoved journalists out of the way before hailing a taxi.

“We will not back down!” Michos shouted. “You can only stop us with bullets. Even from the grave, we will rise up – know this well!” A fourth Golden Dawn legislator, Yannis Lagos, was ordered to be kept in detention. All four denied charges against them.

Kasidiaris was released on bail of 50,000 euros ($67,600) while he, Michos and Ilias Panagiotaros were ordered not to leave Greece.

“Golden Dawn, now stronger and more determined than ever, will continue its legal political struggle to free our land and people from the international loan sharks and domestic servants of foreigners,” the party said on its website. “Golden Dawn will not die – Greece will be victorious!” it added.

They have been charged on what prosecutors say is evidence linking the party with a series of attacks, including the stabbing of rapper Pavlos Fissas on Sept. 17 and the killing of an immigrant earlier this year. A trial date has not been set.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ government has vowed to wipe out a party of “Nazi descendents” but said he would not try to have it outlawed as Golden Dawn has 18 seats in Parliament and the Constitution prohibits banning political parties. The MP’s are also still being paid while facing charges.

Samaras earlier this year rejected a bill to increase penalties for hate crimes which led critics to say he was mollycoddling Golden Dawn in a bid to win some of its voters for his New Democracy Conservatives and slow the extremists rise in the polls.

After that backfired and the neo-Nazis went on a rampage of violence, he said he will now reintroduce the legislation and try to cut off the party’s state funding.

The move to crack down on an elected political party – the first time since a military coup in Greece in 1967 – has shocked Greeks, and the three senior lawmakers’ release comes as a surprise boost to a party that had been pushed on the defensive since the rapper’s killing.

“The judicial investigation is continuing, the evidence is there, there are charges for criminal acts and this should not be forgotten,” Interior Minister Yannis Michelakis told Greek TV.

Responding to the charges against him behind closed doors, Kasidiaris, who was allowed to use a cell phone in violation of the law, denied before the magistrate that the party had paramilitary-like “storm troops” trained by him, a court official said on condition of anonymity, Reuters reported and that he was a victim of political persecution.

Golden Dawn had capitalized on Greeks’ anger to crushing austerity measures imposed by the government on the orders of international lenders and by blaming immigrants for rising crime. The party denied it was connected to scores of assaults of beatings of immigrants and violence toward leftists, Communists and gays.

After the killing of hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas on Sept. 17, for which one of its members was arrested, anti-Golden Dawn protests grew and the party’s popularity, which had grown from 6.97 percent of the vote when it was elected into office in June 2012 to nearly double that, fell 2.5 percent overnight.

Nazi memorabilia, including flags, helmets with swastikas and portraits of Adolph Hitler, have been found in the homes of arrested members but the party rejects the neo-Nazi label.

“The social and political front against Nazism and their proponents is a given and it is united,” the government’s spokesman, Simos Kedikoglou, said in a statement.

Golden Dawn, which the government has described as a “Nazi creation,” rose from the margins of Greece’s political scene to become the third most popular party in Greece amid the country’s severe financial crisis. It has long been blamed for a series of violent attacks, mostly against immigrants.

“There’s political motivation hidden behind this,” Kasidiaris’ lawyer Pavlos Sarakis said of the case against his client. Sarakis was expelled from Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ New Democracy party after he took the case to defend the Golden Dawn spokesman.

“It is clear that the judiciary has refused to follow the orders of a government enslaved to foreigners,” the party said in an online statement after the decision to free three of the four lawmakers. “The unconstitutional, blatantly illegal government conspiracy is collapsing under the huge weight of truth and common sense.”

Thirty-two arrest warrants were issued in the case, including two for police officers. Authorities have been continuing raids on the homes of police officers with suspected ties to criminal activities allegedly linked to the party.


  1. Victory? Typical childish and moronic claim made by the pathetic, Neo-Nazi organization of hate, Golden Dum dums. The results are that they lost percentages in the polls and they had caught the governments eye again. They could hold their ground for only such an limited time. Soon, they will be finished.

  2. Lets wait till all is done. Either side can rush to the wrong conclusion. Either way the Nazi ideology of GD is inexcusable. Change does not have to be equated to Fascism.

  3. Why do you hate them so much? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Greece is in severe crisis. It is obvious the business as usual approach does not work. Foreigners, wether it be illegals or legal must leave the country. They threaten stability and they threaten the culture. Golden Dawn has arisen out of a need. You can’t compare them to the German nazis. It’a not like Greece will invade other countries and start World War 4. The agenda is totally different. They want all foreign influence removed because thats where all the problems started from.

  4. What they don’t embrace is the robbery, murder, rape, and displacement of their people. Real, living breathing Greek people victimized by a flood of criminal invaders and a cabal of international bankers. Now. Not 60 years ago.
    Your shallow emotional hysteria will not stop the future. Western Man is awakening. Golden Dawn is leading the way. Appropriate, from the cradle of representative government.

  5. We will see about that. Some of your members though claims that you are not a Nazi party and that you have not embraced the Hitler doctorate.

    I doubt then that with this much confusion between leadership and members, you will be able to be “leading the way. Appropriate, from the cradle of representative government.”

    I will then remain, observing for better opportunities to arise.

  6. As much as I would love to be there and join them, I am American. So, unfortunately, it’s not ‘my members’ or me who will be leading anything.
    But I do hope that the men and women of Golden Dawn understand how inspirational they are …even here in the US, the original MultiKult failed State.

  7. Why does it have to be either extreme? I do not endorse Communism nor Fascism? This is as despicable as what the Germans did.

  8. Wow. This is ludicrous.

    Please show me some objective evidence that Golden Dawn embraces mass murder? So me their policies that they wish to mass-execute people. Show me SOMETHING!

  9. “Change does not have to be equated to Fascism”.

    What would you suggest Greece do then, to fix itself?

  10. I do not have many solutions but here are a few suggestions which it appears to me that they have ever been implemented.

    The public sector needs to be completely revamped.
    There is a need for a way for people assigned positions in the public sector to be evaluated and have incentives to perform.

    If Greek borders are also boarders of Europe and since we spend an extremely disproportional % of our taxes to buy weapons from European and American weapon manufacturers, we have to say to Europe, you want secured boarders, you do not want an influx of illegal aliens, come and give a hand or we look the other way and let the illegals go north.

    There need to be better incentives for farmers and preferred loans with sliding interest rates to utilize their land, produce and animals. Currently there are tons and tons of fruit rotting on the trees and not being picked up. Along with that wines and oil and dairy products along with spices etc. need to be better developed.

    Turn tourism into a true services oriented business but providing a better product not necessarily a cheap one. Currently there are thousands of rooms for rent for the summer that are just cheap not meeting any standards.

    Cultivate the idea of not cutting corners, the ephemeral profit that has no long term steady return.

    It is a country that for many decades elected officials bought their vote by inflating and taxing the public sector instead of investing and working hard to produce projects that translate to jobs. I know this is hard but really which party, any of them in congress or not can grantee the number of workers, people who need to work and have income, can either have a job or get unemployment in Greece? Nobody in my opinion. I think that many will unfortunately will need to migrate if they wish to work in a sector that they have a degree in.

    Since it is time for big changes, we should limit the number of terms like in the US not only for the prime minister but I would also argue all elected officials.

    Things like that.

  11. A quote by your friend:
    MSMlies Costas
    • 3 days ago

    The only ones who will disappear off the face of the earth will be Zionists and their mercenaries. There will be nowhere to seek refuge when that moment arrives. It’s not far away.

  12. If its as despicable as what the Germans did why don’t you complain about KKE and the hammer & sickle which was used by the Pol Pot, Stalin & Chauchesku………why because your a hypocrite!!!!!

  13. some more

    MSMlies • 3 days ago

    Before his departure, Adolf Hitler uttered these prophetic words:

    “It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit shall rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right.”

    MSMlies • 3 days ago
    “The history books will recall how the final demise of World Jewry, the extinction of the Zionist bacillus was spawned by the Golden Dawn movement in Hellas, which spread into a Pan-European Golden Dawn and finished off the Judeo-Khazar seed of Satan.”

    MSMlies • 9 days ago

    When Golden Dawn governs Greece every single last illegal 3rd World immigrant will be rapidly deported. All illegal immigrants who have recieved amnesty will have their amnesty revoked and will be deported to the nation of their ethnic origin. Any Greek who has produced children via a relationship with a 3rd Worlder will be deported to the nation of origin of their 3rd world spouse, together with their offspring. Last but not least Golden Dawn has vowed to ban Judaism and all it’s symbols from Greece. Synagogues will be demolished via controlled demolitions.

    you get the point

  14. “wether it be illegals or legal must leave the country. ”

    what do you have against legal foreigners? kick them out and watch the economy go up in smoke even more. many legal foreigners own businesses and property in Greece and contribute a great deal to local economies.

    “Why do you hate them so much?”

    because they are nazis and praise hitler who was responsible for ~ 1 million deaths in Greece during WW2 and a decimated economy and country

  15. Where is your support AussieGreek?
    I was waiting for you but you μαλακιζόσουνα όπως πάντα γάμο την τσάντα μου γάμο!

    Δεν θυμάσαι τι λέει το τραγούδι που λέγαμε παρέα?

  16. Than go start your own political party. Let’s see if anyone else agree’s with your policies.

  17. Where or when did I say I have the answers and want start a political party? Did I express such a desire?
    Stop mumbling junk and respond to what I wrote or just stop posting you are making a fool of yourself – I know an ugly bastard fantasist who wrote this….I wonder who it was?