Three Psychiatric Hospitals To Shut Down


Zero hour for the three biggest psychiatric hospitals in Greece has come, as by the end of this year they will have to shut down. Both workers and the patients’ relatives are very upset.
Hundreds of patients suffering from mental illnesses and require hospitalization at a psychiatric hospital, are literally going to find themselves on the streets.

Deputy Health Minister Zeta Makri, in a relative document she sent to the Parliament, stated that the psychiatric clinics which run throughout the country will shut down in order to be transformed into open community mental health networks.
In addition, this plan is provided for in the Cooperation Memorandum on Psychiatric Reform signed between the Ministry of Health and the European Commission.

However, the administrations of the psychiatric hospitals are suggesting proposals on a daily basis to the political leadership of the Ministry of Health about the fate of their patients as well as the staff of the psychiatric hospitals.


  1. maybe samaras should, with his eu/german overlords, funnel more money to foreign banks to fix the economy. oh wait

  2. Roughly 1 in 4 dollars are ‘funneled’ in some way. The problem, this funnelling seems to happen across all income levels. Maybe the reason why striking hard against tax evasion is so difficult?

  3. i read somewhere that 80% of all taxes that should have been collected over the last 15 years were not