Four in Ten Greeks Can’t Pay Property Tax


According to a survey conducted by MARC company on “Τhe trends in the property market”, which was presented on Oct. 3 by the company’s managing director Thomas Gerakis in the Prodexpo conference on the development of utilization of estates, four in ten people in Greece estimate they will not be able to pay their tax duties.

More precisely, 25.1 of the people questioned responded negatively to the question, “Do you believe you will be able to pay taxes on property?” while an additional 20.3 percent responded, “Perhaps not.”  On the contrary, 18.9 percent responded “Yes” and a 35.7 percent “Perhaps so.”

A significant number of responders expressed their concern of being unable to pay off the home loan they have taken out. More precisely, 10.1 percent responded negatively to the question, “Do you think you will be able to make your home loan payments in the future?” while a 27.4 percent said “Perhaps not. Some 29.9 percent said “yes” and 32.7 percent “Perhaps so.”

Some 12.3 percent responded that they “are in arrears with the house loan they have taken out” and 19.9 percent that they make their payments “often with some delay.” Some 67.8 percent say they make their payments “always on time.”

An important finding of the survey was that 56 percent of the people questioned believe that it is better to rent a house while only 32.3 percent estimate that it is better to have a house of your own.


  1. Pasok & ND past and present politicians should pay from what they stole from the country’s coffers which belong to the people the property Tax for the poor and for the low income Greek citizens…Revolution is a must to stop this economic massacre which caused many innocent lives and destroyed our families…

  2. Revolution is not equal to Golden Dawn Fascism.
    This is the same language used by Junta.
    Golden Dawn was offering protection and you are the one who claims “fakelakia” in previous posts?
    Changes need and will happen in Greece but not by Golden Dawn or any other Fascist/Nazi movement.
    Only the Greek flag will be flying on Acropolis!