Golden Dawners Don’t Stand By Their Men

sugkentrosi-upostirikton-xrusis-augis-dikastiriaAfter jubilation with the release of three of its Members of Parliament from pre-trial detention, the followers of Golden Dawn felt disappointment when the neo-Nazi party’s leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, and number two man, Christos Pappas, were sent to jail, facing charges of murder, extortion and money laundering.

Party leaders had called for an outpouring of support but only a smidgeon of backers showed up at the court as backing for the extremists fell 2.5 percent in the aftermath of the killing of a 34-year-old hip-hop artist for which a man police said was a party member was arrested.

Even when party spokesman, Ilias Kasidiaris, along with two other Members of Parliament, Panagiotis Iliopoulos and Nikos Mihos showed up to support their leaders at the court, only about 40 Golden Dawners were there with them.

The chanting supporters tried to make their presence felt when Pappas arrived but it was a feeble showing. Party leaders insist the roundup of 32 people, including six of its MP’s, two police officers and 24 others won’t hurt its support from the public although polls show otherwise.



  2. This is all considering the fact that few Greeks actually like the Golden Dawn and have little feelings towards them. The Greeks supporting them do this out of spite of their current government in an act of rebellion against their government which also drags the governments attention to the people. These amateurs are a simple gift and nothing more. They are an efficient tactic of rebellion for the Greek people against their government, and they are at the same time completely incapable of giving any Greek reliable hope for they will only ruin Greece completely, not fix her up. This erases any worry that I may have had in the past of them taking over Greece and making the poor nation even worse because it is obvious that the Golden Dawn will fail considering their complete stupidity in all aspects and their lack of intelligence. They were beneficial for a very short-term reasoning however, now they are going to far and need to go. Their crimes are horrible and the government is working its best to save Greece. No need for Golden Dawn anymore. Like all Nazis, eventually they will have to wash away, and now is their time…

  3. I am freedom fighter Michaloliakos, your leader.
    Go wash your mouth with soap!
    Nobody talks like that to their leader!
    In the meantime here is something special just for you. We sing it all together with the rest of the girls in the women’s showers now that I am in the women’s prison ward:

  4. This is all they can do when they oppose something. Make generalised personal attacks and ‘ad hominems’. There are some anti-Golden Dawn posters here that at least make a legitimate argument — but the vast majority pull childish stunts like this.

  5. ” Golden Dawn will fail considering their complete stupidity in all aspects and their lack of intelligence”.

    Please elaborate on what makes them “stupid” in all assets — explain these ‘assets’ to. What also makes their intelligence “lacking”?

    “Their crimes are horrible and the government is working its best to save Greece.”

    Good Goyim,

  6. Judeo-Government? Whats that red underline under the term “Judeo”,? I suppose it is just your fantasy, fairy-tale Nazi crap that you found on the internet which does not exist and it is not even a word. Jews don’t run the Greek government either, they are all Greek.

  7. Your first questions? You mean your only questions and non after that. Your obviously to dumb to understand anything if I were to tell you so I will just end it here.

  8. Nice. Looks like your posts had no substance at all; just the empty and hysterical rants of an internet nobody.