Greece, Israel to Perform Joint Aeronautical Exercises

Greece-IsraelGreek and Israeli Air Forces will carry out joint aeronautical exercises in the Aegean and the Peloponnese in the coming week of October.

According to the Hellenic Air Force, Greece and Israel will conduct in common the following activities as part of a Greece – Israel Military Cooperation Program:

On October 8 and 9 in the area of the Central and South flight information region (FIR) of Athens, with the participation of combat aircraft F-16 and F-15 as well as with Navy forces.

On October 16, in the region of the western Peloponnese, with the participation of Greek combat aircraft and the Israeli air refueling aircraft.


  1. Greece has the best of the best fighter pilots. Israeli ones are experienced in actual combat though, let the competition begin!

  2. Of course Greek and Israeli Air Forces will carry out joint aeronautical exercises; Israel owns Greece.

  3. I can’t believe this ridiculous website allows fascists to post hate speech and communist fanatics to post articles. Hardly surprising Greece is mess given fascism and communism have gone mainstream.

  4. nice to see greeks and israels being allies. they do need eachother as they are both surrounded by strong fanatic muslim countries who want to obliterate them

  5. This is a Left leaning news site; and it’s only natural that uploading articles that include topics regarding Golden Dawn will receive all manner of political views and opinions in response.

    And how is what I said “hate speech”? Please elaborate on that.

  6. I love greek air force but I just want to know will Greece going to buy new fighter jest from Israel or from u.s because Greece has a old jets the only good jets that Greece has is f 16 I wish Greece get new jets it wouls be good