Postage Stamps of Mt. Athos Presented


Greek postage stamps issued from 1927 until today which depict images of Mount Athos were presented at a special event organized by the Hellenic Post and the Holy Community of Mount Athos at the Old Parliament.

On the occasion of the issuance of the stamp series “100th anniversary of the integration of Mount Athos in Greece, there was a retrospective presentation of stamps with all the images of the Holy Mountain.

The Chairman and CEO of the Hellenic Post ELTA, Costis Melachrinos noted that the Greek post offices, during the185 years of their history, have embraced all the major events of Greek history.

‘They have “stamped” every breath of the Greek soul, they are connected to the environment in which the stations of the great Greek journey were born. The Greek stamps coincided with the sorrows, and good periods of the Greek society in the midst of wars, turmoil, changes and reforms. The Hellenic post captures the key moments of the Greek history in favor of the future generations,” he said.


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