Witnesses Say Greek Golden Dawn Targeted Democracy

CCE52FEBA7C20F457AEE35218136FFF0More testimony is developing in the case against leaders of the Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, particularly its Members of Parliament charged with running a criminal gang:  Ilias Panagiotaros, Ilias Kasidiaris, Giorgos Germenis and Stathis Boukouras.

One of the witnesses, a party member, reportedly revealed that anti-fascist hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas, 34, who was killed on Sept. 17 by a man police said was connected to the extremists, was a pre-meditated target. He had been very vocal against the party in his music. The witness, whose name was not given, reportedly said that he was trained by Giorgos Germenis who was called “captain” and who was the judge of  “trials” against the party’s perceived enemies.

According to this witness, another MP was responsible for Piraeus and the surrounding areas, Panagiotaros had the southern suburbs but they were under the command of Kasidiaris, who gave indoctrination speeches while Panagiotaros gave out special uniforms and batons.

The party’s second-in-command, Christos Pappas, being held in jail pending his trial, was called “Brigadier”.

The second witness was said to be a Golden Dawn member in Corinth who told an Athens court of racist attacks against “illegal immigrants in the region of Corinth” and said one occurred last year in front of police officers who laughed while it happened. Many police are reportedly aligned with the neo-Nazis as the government tries to root out wrongdoers.

The witness also said that the MP representing the area, Stathis Boukouras knew about these incidents and had “an unknown number of Zastava guns.” He said also that “he had hidden guns and food, in an abandoned monastery in ancient Kleones.” Another witness said party members tried to recruit teenagers..

The third witness supported that “the target of Golden Dawn is the democracy. They used to tell us that we will enter the Parliament with tanks.” He also said that Nikos Mihos was a trainer on “how we can kill the enemy with a knife.” The witness also claimed the trainings “took place in folds on Attiki and Malakasa” where the trainers do mass slaughters of animals, in order to learn how to use the technique of blows with a knife in the carotid artery.

According to the same witness, Mihos pushed against payment weapons to other members of the organization, while noting that as he had heard, “they were practicing in an isolated region of Palia Penteli.”

The new testimonies reportedly could lead prosecutors to again try to have Kasidiaris and Panagiotaros, who had been temporarily released by the court pending trial, placed in custody again.


  1. Leftists complaining abut GD extremism while meanwhile they say next to nothing to condemn communists lparties like Syriza and KKE. The stupdity of the “moderate” left continues.

  2. These GD members are all sick…They should be sent to a psychiatric hospital and throw the keys at the deep-end of ocean…

  3. Over 4500 Greek citizens have committed suicide since 2009 as a direct result of Greece’s economic collapse which was brought about by New Democracy and PASOK systematically looting Greece 39 years. Numerous Greek citizens have been murdered by illegal immigrants which have flooded into Greece due to the treasonius negligence of New Democracy & PASOK.
    Why is the murder of Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P, being given immeasurably more political-media attention than all these other Greek victims? Pavlos Fyssas produced “degenerate rap” which promoted violence and hatred of the Greek race!
    Here are lyrics to one of Pavlos Fyssas rap songs.

    f*** your fascism, son of a bitch, that’s right this is for you
    f*** every kind of fascist, let’s go
    f*** them, step on them, f*** them, piss on their face and F*** THEIR RACE”

    Did you get that last part?
    “F*** THEIR RACE”

    In other words, this Leftist degenerate (who also belonged to Antarsya) is saying “F*** the Greek Race”.

    After all, Golden Dawn is a Greek political party, it’s members belong to the Greek race, and their central goal is to preserve the Greek race from being diluted via racial miscegenation and to prevent the flood of illegal 3rd world immigration which threatens to transform the Greek race into a minority in Greece. So when Pavlos Fyssas says, “F*** their race” he can only be referring to the Greek race!

  4. On Saturday, a 37-year-old man believed to have played a key role in the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas last month was remanded in custody. The man is suspected of being at the cafe where Fyssas and his friends were before they were attacked by Golden Dawn members and supporters.
    The 37-year-old is alleged to have been the one who notified the others to gather in Amfiali to assault Fyssas and his friends.


    WELL WELL WELL, if this is the case, then the entire governments case alleging that Golden Dawns leadership (i.e. a Golden Dawn MP) ordered a physical attack on Pavlos Fyssas should collapse unless it can be shown that this 37 year old man contacted the Golden Dawn leaderahip in the hour before the fight that led to the death of Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas.
    If it’s proven in court that this 37 year old Golden Dawn sympathiser/member called his buddies to orchestrate an attack on Fyssas then clearly Golden Dawns leadership was not involved.

  5. If i understand you right, you are trying to save GD leadership 🙂 nice try haha. Keep on going, you can do it 🙂 Theres only one problem, they are nazi :p

  6. Do you mean that one witness is a junkie accused of molesting his daughter and the other has psychological problems.
    Only a idiotic degenerate like you would believe a paedophile and a phsyco.

  7. How do you know who all the witnesses are? Many of them are in witness protection. Do you seriously think we are worried about having enough witnesses, records, video and photographic evidence?

    “the other has psychological problems”

    Well, that would rule out all former members of Golden Dawn wouldn’t it? Not going to happen

  8. nazis like MSMlies are not Greek. you can’t be Greek and be a nazi at the same time.

  9. which song for the 10th time? please stop copy pasting your nazi garbage from stormfront you low life.

    he says F the nazis not F the Greeks. learn the difference

    nazis like yourself are not Greek. you can’t be Greek and be a nazi at the same time.

  10. Nazi is not a race moron.
    Nazi stands for National Socialist (a political ideology).

    The lack of education not to mention that glaring inability of Leftists and other assorted anti-Golden Dawn rabble is part of the reason why these unworthy opponents are failing dusmally in all their attempts to reign in the relentless rise of Golden Dawn. They have no way to counter Golden Dawns resilience. In the weeks and months to come their worst fears will cone to fruition. It’s almost sad to watch these little worms squirm in fear and panic at what’s on the horizon.

  11. Nazi stands for National Socialist. It is a political ideology not a race. Being Greek means being a member of the Greek race, having Hellenic blood flowing through your veins. Political ideology or political affiliation has no impact or bearing on a persons race.
    I feel like i’m talking to an infant. Your lack of education is staggering.

  12. I’ll allow Golden Dawn MP’s to speak for themselves regards what political ideology they adhere. I should also add that it is not illegal in Greece to adhere to a National Socialist political belief and will have no legal impact or bearing on the outcome of their trial.

  13. it’s blood AND more.

    “I feel like i’m talking to an infant. Your lack of education is staggering.”

    says the person who can’t even provide the name of the song.

    says the person who paraphrases “F the nazis/fascists” into “F the Greeks. ” not even close.

  14. So you are taking your opinions and knowledge from one of the “MPs” who will be standing trial? The one who assaults people on camera and then runs to the court with a lawsuit against them. LOL

  15. Full details regards one of the witnesses being charged with incest child molestation and the other being a frequent patient at mental asylums will be submitted to the investigating judge according to the statement made by Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris.
    I doubt he would make such a statement without having access to the neccessary paperwork from police and health authorities verifying what he is saying. These witnesses are discredited and will be of little to no use in the governments case againat Golden Dawn.

  16. Could the sheer criminality, corruption and outright treason of the New Democracy-PASOK governing coalition, Leftist Marxist radicals, and the “Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece” give rise to a Hellenic version of the Vehmgerichte?

  17. So you think that one of the people who will be tried is privy to information about witnesses in witness protection?

  18. Being Greek means culture, blood, religion, and tradition. Nazis cant be Greeks and Greeks cant be Nazis. Speaking of education, hasn’t your mommy taught you that Nazis are the bad guys and to never be one? I think you should go back to the way you were before you were a Nazi.

  19. The Golden Dawn are finished you melding idiot. They will not recover from this defeat. All you righties have to do is talk crap on your computers all day like the fagot low-lifes you all are. If your looking for rational debates then try not infuriating the person your striking an argument with by insulting them or spewing false, Nazi propaganda that they know is ridiculous.

  20. Revolting, ugly people! It actually makes me sick to read about GD. I think these traitors should all do the honourable thing and commit suicide.

  21. LOL keep dreaming! Golden Dawn has maintained it’s core support and remains Greece’s 3rd most popular political party in ALL polls despite 3 weeks of relentless attacks by the ENTIRE political-media establishment. Golden Dawn is here to stay. Get used to it. It will be so funny looking at the reactions of Leftists and other assorted anti-Golden Dawn rabble come the May 25th 2014 municipal elections when Golden Dawn installs mayors all over Greek towns and cities including the Golden Dawn stronghold Athens!

  22. On January 8th 1991 Leftist Νίκος Τεμπονέρας was brutally murdered by Ιωάννης Καλαμπόκας, who was a member of New Democracy and advisor to the party in Patras. Why didn’t the Greek political establishment push for the leadership of New Democracy to be arrested, charged and investigated for leading a criminal organization? The political-media establishment in Greece is utterly corrupt!




  23. Why are you not getting this? The murder of Pavlos Fysass and Shehzad Luqman (and quite possibly more) and the 900 recorded attacks on immigrants were ordered by the Golden Dawn party, not by an individual who happened to be a member of GD. There were organised “brigades” of Golden Dawn “patrolling” the streets and beating, stabbing and attacking dark skinned people.

    What is it about this information that you refuse to understand? Is it because you are shocked that your beloved organisation did these things? Is it that their actions have been so heinous that you cannot quite believe it?

    If not, it must be that you are defending them or making excuses for their despicable behaviour.

  24. “The Golden Dawn are finished you melding idiot.”

    According to who? The ‘Greek Reporter’… ?

  25. “There were organised “brigades” of Golden Dawn “patrolling” the streets and beating, stabbing and attacking dark skinned people.”

    May I see an unbiased source on this?

  26. No. It’s not. This is pre-arrests and court hearing and all this. 900 reported and recorded attacks over the last three years.

  27. Can I see some proof that all 900 attacks came from Golden Dawn? I’d also like to see all 900 accompanying news articles because I wish analyse them. Just provide link for each one.