Acquitted Journalist Vaxevanis Tried Again

    vaxevanis1-200x200Kostas Vaxevanis , the Greek whistleblower journalist who embarrassed a Greek government that hadn’t acted on a list of Greeks with secret Swiss bank accounts by publishing their names, went on trial again on Oct. 8 of violating their privacy even though he was acquitted of the charge earlier in the year.

    The government, unsatisfied with losing the case, is prosecuting him again as there is no double jeopardy law in Greece and the government wants him found guilty for publishing the so-called Lagarde List of 2,062 Greeks with $1.95 billion in the Geneva branch of HSBC. The list has been in the government’s hands for three years and still not acted on.

    Christine Lagarde who was the French finance minister at the time in October 2010 gave the list taken from a CD stolen from the bank by an employee to then Greek finance minister George Papaconstantinou. He said it disappeared but was prosecuted after the names of three of his relatives were found to be missing. He denied any wrongdoing.

    Vaxevanis’s retrial has caused international reaction about press censorship. Vaxevanis told the British newspaper The Guardian: “It’s ridiculous that I am being put on trial for publishing the list when Parliament has decided to send the minister who hid it to court.”


    1. Vaxevanis did his job to best of his ability…The government should be in the docks instead of him, the government is hiding something and we all should know the truth about this list…Vaxevanis is innocent, he did not committed any crime…

    2. Vaxevanis jobs is not to reveal people’s bank accounts. Its private information. Would you want someone publishing your public details. Arguing the list should be investigated is one thing. Putting everyone’s name out the to be treated like criminals by the kangaroo court of public opinion is quite another.

      Vaxevanis did commit a crime and likely did harm innocent people by publishing that list. However courts should consider the extreme circumstances so they should probably let him off with some sort of conditional warning not to do it again.

    3. Vaxevanis jobs is to reveal the truth either these informations are private or public…It is in the public interest to know who are these people who evaded paying their taxes and looted the country’s wealth so they can be charged according to the law…Defending the publishing of the names make you a partner in crime…No one has to fear anything unless they have to hide things…It’s our corrupt politicians who are criminals and not Vaxevanis, they are the ones who should stand trial for their crimes against the country and it’s people…

    4. You are arguing legal mumbo jumbo based on ad-hoc application of ethics. Using your own argument anyone can publish your own personal financial details because if you have “nothing to fear unless you have something to hide”: Prosecution is why lists like this were not published in other nations.
      Vexevanis is a self serving populist that caters to other populists. He shouldn’t go to prison for his crime given extra ordinary situation but it was a crime.

    5. I start to believe you too have something to hide thats why you are against Vaxevanis blowing the whistle…

    6. I have only 1 bank account with 50 Euro in it if you want to know as I am unemployed for 4 years now without any income living on handouts from relatives and friends…


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