Greece Probes Golden Dawn Finances

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panagiotaros taken into custody
Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panagiotaros taken into custody

As Greece prosecutes the leaders of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party on charges of running a criminal gang, investigators said they want access to financial records and bank accounts of the suspects and are asking the help of the Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) and an independent anti-money laundering committee.

The probers said they need the data from the 32 people arrested so far, including six Members of Parliament so they can get to the bottom of how the party operates.

They are also asking for Parliament’s help to give them more time and for the body to lift the immunity of three Golden Dawn MPs – Giorgos Germenis, Panagiotis Iliopoulos and Stathis Boukouras. The three MPs face the same charges as their six peers arrested last week.

The investigation is said to be widening their probe to include the three after former party members testified the MPs played a key role in organizing attacks on immigrants and recruiting new members.

Boukouras was said to be storing and trading in weapons and to have had “absolute control” over the party’s activities in Corinth, including attacks on immigrants and protection rackets. Boukouras and Golden Dawn members in Corinth are accused of being involved in a range of crimes, including assaults on leftists and the blackmail of local politicians and businessmen.

The newspaper Kathimerini reported that it was told by unidentified sources that at least 10 more former members and supporters have asked to testify as protected witnesses, fearing reprisals and as another said she was threatened with being burned alive if she talked.

Parliament’s ethics committee is on Oct. 9 to examine the judiciary’s request for the immunity of the three MPs to be lifted. It will also examine requests to lift the immunity of MPs Ilias Panagiotaros and Ilias Kasidiaris, two of three GD MPs released pending trial last week, for separate cases of disturbing the peace, and of Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos for operating an illegal radio station in Larissa, central Greece.

The MPs are to be summoned by the committee within two days while the House’s plenary session is to convene next week to debate the issue and decide when to vote.

A police crackdown on GD continued on Oct. 8 with the arrest of Yiannis Kazatzoglou, 34, who was allegedly a passenger in the vehicle driven by Giorgos Roupakias on the night of the murder of leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas last month. Roupakias, who has been charged with Fyssas’s murder though claims to have stabbed the rapper in self-defense, is to defend himself before an investigating magistrate on Oct. 8.


  1. What revolting people! What traitors! What a humiliation! If I were these people I would try to draw out the last remnants of honour and put a gun to my head and shoot myself.

  2. For a lot of idiots these Golden Dawn scum are considered ‘patriots’ and examples of ‘real Greeks’ when in fact they are nothing but criminals who are willing to kill their fellow Greeks for nothing more than mere political ideology.

  3. Prosecutors are probing why the New Democracy and PASOK Socialist parties who are partners in a coalition government haven’t paid 250 million euros ($339.4 million) in loans. Financial prosecutor Grigoris Peponis said he would only invite the party officials, NOT COMPEL THEM, -(surprise surprise)- to explain why they were able to so easily get loans when banks have shut off credit to almost everyone else. 

    New Democracy reportedly owes some 105 million euros ($142.5 million) to the state-operated ATEbank, which had to be taken by Piraeus over because of bad loans, and 15 million euros ($20.3 million) to Piraeus Bank. PASOK reportedly has borrowed 97 million euros from ATEbank,($131.72 million) along with 22 million euros ($29.8 million) from Attica Bank, 10 million euros ($13.5 million) from Marfin and 5 million euros ($6.79 million) from Piraeus.

  4. Are you referring to the anti-Hellenic degenerate Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas? Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas aka KILLAH P was very vocal in his songs about his hatred of the Hellenic race!

    Here are lyrics to one of Pavlos Fyssas rap songs.

    f*** your fascism, son of a bitch, that’s right this is for you
    f*** every kind of fascist, let’s go
    f*** them, step on them, f*** them, piss on their face and F*** THEIR RACE”

    Did you get that last part?
    “F*** THEIR RACE”

    In other words, this Leftist degenerate (who also belonged to Antarsya) is saying “F*** the Greek Race”.

    After all, Golden Dawn is a Greek political party, it’s members belong to the Greek race, and their central goal is to preserve the Greek race from being diluted via racial miscegenation and to prevent the flood of illegal 3rd world immigration which threatens to transform the Greek race into a minority in Greece. So when Pavlos Fyssas says, “F*** their race” he can only be referring to the Greek race!

  5. What a lame excuse. The only degenerates are scum like you who justify murder for something as pathetic as rap lyrics.

    Why end with lyrics? Why not just kill anyone that disagrees with your political outlook.

    The GD are not patriots, they (you) revere Hitler and the Nazis that murdered thousands of Greeks.

    But I guess in your opinion all those Greeks soldiers defending their homeland from Fascism and Greek civilians fighting the German occupation deserved to die.

    You’re all criminal scum.

  6. he’s saying F the Nazis (like you) not F the Greeks. Greeks are not Nazis and Nazis cannot be Greek. how much longer are you going to paraphrase this song, which you still can’t tell us the name of the song?

    you are not Greek MSMnazi. you are a nazi and nothing more. get that through your hitler praising holocaust denying nazi subhuman skull. you are a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  7. oh and we know who you are

    good luck with your “career”. i have to imagine NY companies won’t be too thrilled when they find out you are a nazi

  8. would a jew ever make the sign of the cross or kiss a holy icon when entering a Greek Orthodox church? You ALL know the answer to that question…yet this idiot Dendias let’s them slap a yarmulke on his head and grins like a fool!

  9. Golden Dawn Fascists always lie and try to use smoke screens to cover for murder, deception, illegal activities, criminal activities, fascist core ideology, their desire to remove your freedoms, you name it:

  10. Hey Does the SM in your name mean what I think …and is it true that GD has a Gay section?
    If so let me know were I can join….. but black is just not my colour can I wear pink instead?

  11. Hello Mlies
    “anti-Hellenic degenerate Leftist”
    You are using big words again you know how difficult that is for you when you have your mouth full

  12. Look dear Golden Dawn. The problem is not your handouts or the firefighting. It is what drives this. Not love to ones own but hatred of others. The lack of solidarity at best and the will to drive them before you at worst. Do not hide behind these things. Recognise that you are but a populations reflex to something that they do not understand and try to understand instead of hate.

  13. For someone who hates “nazis”, you sure do like using the word a lot. I remember back when people feared being called that word, along with “racist”. Looks like the brow-beating effect is wearing off, because no-one cares anymore — the psychological effect it used to have is past it’s use-by date — and about time to!

  14. Golden Dawn does not have a “gay” section — Golden Dawn wishes to preserve Western traditions that the Marxist-Gay movement wants to destroy.

  15. you can run but you can’t hide

    it’s working in Greece where people, other than those who colluded with nazi germany such as XA germanotsoliades ancestors, will never forget the atrocities committed by the nazis. XA support is way down.

  16. Golden Dawn remains Greece’s 3rd most popular political party despite the gargantuan assault they have been subjected to by the Greek political and media establishment. They are polling higher than what they achieved in the May/June parliamentary elections and if you add the hidden vote of at least 2% – 4%, then they are easily polling 10% to 12%. Do you understand what this means? This means that at least 10% of the Greek population cannot be persuaded to ditch their support for XA despite all the anti-Golden Dawn propaganda, & despite seeing photos of XA MP Christos Pappas saluting in SS uniform with a Swastika banner behind him. This suggests that the solid 10% of the Greek populace that is sticking with XA either (i) Supports National Socialism or (ii) Doesn’t really care if some senior XA allegedly have some sympathies for Adolf Hitler. Golden Dawn has succeeded in establishing deep immovable roots in Greece! At least 10% of the Greek electorate refuses to ditch them. This is enough for XA to rebuild support to it’s pre-September levels within 12 months at the most.

  17. Golden Dawn does not hate anyone! Golden Dawn simply wants ALL illegal immigrants (including those who have recieved amnesty and citizenship) to be deported to their nations of origin. Greece belongs to the Greeks. That’s what XA believes! Greece doesn’t belong to Pakistanis, Afghans, Bangladeshis, Africans, Arabs, Indians, Chinese and other 3rd Worlders. This is not hate, this is truth.

  18. “you can run but you can’t hide”

    No-one is running, my friend. As one of the Golden Dawn MPs said in a video after their bail release: “Only bullets will stop us!”. True words. Golden Dawn will fight till the very end; and I’ll continue to support them every step of the way.

    ” XA support is way down.”

    Sorry buddy. Whilst there may have been a very small — almost insignificant loss to Golden Dawns support after the murder set-up; the absolute vast majority of people have stuck to their guns and remained at Golden Dawn’s side. Remember, they have already sat through months/years of the Golden Dawn smear campaign prior to the murder set-up — and the vast majority of people knew that the current government fears them and would attempt any tactic to try and undermine them. The Greek people are not idiots and they will no fall for an obvious framing and media smear campaign.

    I’d be willing to bet that since their arrests, their percentages have grown.