Two Arrests For Smuggling 7,000-Year Old Figurines

antiquities smugglingAccording to information released by Hellenic Police, a rare antiquity statuette, estimated to be older than 7,000 years, was confiscated after authorities arrested two men who tried to sell it for 3.5 million euros.

Both the suspects for illicit antiquities trade are Greek. Police apprehended them in central Athens, Greece, on Oct 8, after receiving a tip that warned them about the illegal trade.

The marble statuette, which was not damaged, depicts a female figure with arms clasped at the chest and is 30 centimeters high. On Oct 9, Police announced that a government archaeologist who examined the statuette pronounced it a genuine work of the Middle Neolithic era,  in Greece the period from 5800 to 5300 BC.

It is not yet known how where the statuette came from and how it ended in the hands of the two smugglers. According to Greece’s strict cultural heritage laws, all antiquities found in the country constitute property of the state.