Paris is Coming to…Greece!

Petit Paris d' AthenesPetit Paris d’Athenes,” is the name of the fascinating multi-festival, organized by the Athens Art Network in cooperation with the Sports and Youth Organization (OPANDA); the Athens Traders Association; the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, and the first departmental community of Athens.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary since the birth of Albert Camus, the wider region of downtown Athens, including streets with French names, turns into a Petit Paris through theatrical performances, concerts, varietés, exhibitions, lectures and open discussions. Wednesday, October 9th marks the birthday of Camus and the streets of Athens will celebrate with festivities for eight days starting October 16!

The festival involves more than 300 volunteers, artists, authors, intellectuals from 30 selected spots (streets, squares, theaters, museums, galleries, music cafés and other places), while 12 theatrical performances, 30 concerts, 3 varietés, 9 visual art exhibitions and photo exhibitions, 10 lectures and many open discussion are coming to brighten up one of the “dark” and deprived regions of Athens.

Organizers aim to have this region become the heart of two-day events on a monthly basis.  It has already decided that upcoming events in December will be dedicated to the poet Kavafis.

Entrance is free for all the festival events, and admission is charge only for some select performances and concerts.

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