“Russian Week” in Ionian Islands

    russian week

    It is Russian week on the Ionian islands, and Zakynthos will now be hosting events that have also taken place in Corfu, Lefkada and Kefalonia. These festivities will last seven days and include events devoted to historical memory and arts and culture.

    The celebrations started in Corfu on Saturday, October 5, continued on October 8 in Lefkada, on October 10 in Kefalonia and will carry on in Zakynthos tomorrow.

    On Sunday, October 13 the portrait of Admiral Theodore Ushakov will be unveiled in the abbey of St. Dionysios. Admiral  Ushakov was the extremely successful commander of the Russian Mediterranean fleet under Paul I, and one of the Emperor’s Orthodox Knights of Malta. In Greek history he is remembered as the liberator of the Ionian Islands. Falling from political favour after assassination of Paul I, he retired near the Synaxar Monastery; he did not, however, become a monk.

    The events for Russian Week on the Ionian islands of Zakynthos includes a Russian warship and a marching band. It will also  include a discussion of religious tourism more specifically regarding Russian tourists. A feast of traditional Russian and local cuisine is on the menu, while a concert by the orchestra of the warship will perform songs and dances written for the tragedies and Victories in the Black Sea.


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