Troika Rejected 15% Reduction on Oil Heating Tax

troikaGreece’s creditors have reportedly rejected the government’s proposal concerning the reduction for special consumption tax on heating oil by 15%. According to ekathimerini, troika  was late in their negative response for the expansion of income criteria, which would lead to an increase in the number of heating allowances.

The government is reported to have attempted to hide the negative developments. According to reports in ekathimerini, they answered no to the proposal early yesterday, but the leadership of the Finance Ministry was claiming he was unaware of troika’s response regarding the request for the reduction on oil heating tax.

The Ministry of Finance appears to have some explaining to do for concealing the facts, if this is true, the Ministry must prepare another proposal to the troika, minus the tax reduction.

According to ekathimerini, this proposal provides a small advance payment of 25% of the total heating allowance, an increase on the allowance from 0,28 euros to 0,35 euros per liter, and an expansion of the income and property criteria in order for more people to receive heating allowance.


  1. What makes the Greek Finance ministry think,that if its international lenders rejected the 15% reduction on the heating oil consumption tax,they will agree to the same expense once again-but in a different form?It looks like the Greek government recycles its ideas all over again,hoping that the Troika will acquiesce at the end,which I doubt will happen,since the Troika is the one providing the money in a first place.

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