Creation of New Center Left Party Demand 58 Members


58 well-respected Greeks demanded the creation of a new center left party . The new center left party, according to a declaration, will have a new leader and a common strategy for the European and local elections.

In their declaration, the 58 members propose the creation of a new political party, which will include all the left parties without demanding their dissolution, and it will help design a common strategy for the national reconstruction.

The declaration notes that they observe the political movements of PASOK and Democratic Left and they want the two parties to join forces with this new movement. They also support the movement “5 mayors” which as they said, points out the co-operation in the base of our values.

The declaration was signed by 58 people, which include professors Nikos Alivizatos, Yannis Voulgaris, Yannis Kalogirou, former minister Stavros Benos and Nikos Christodoulakos, musician Nikos Portokaloglou and author Thanasis Chimonas.


  1. Appalling! Nepotism, fraud, scandals is what destroyed Greece during the past 40 years of PASOK rule. PASOK is synonymous with CORRUPTION. Why would a new group want them involved? ND isn’t any better. They are just are corrupt but I find the story ridiculous.