New Regulation for Issuing Residency Permits to Immigrants

immigration_issueMinistry of the Interior in Greece presented new regulations on Monday relevant to immigrants. According to Greek Minister, Yiannis Michelakis, the documents for issuing a residence permit to foreigners were 50,  and now reduced to 19 in a difficult effort to decrease bureaucracy.

In addition, this new regulation allows a residency permit for children of legal immigrants, in this way facilitating the children of the second generation.

A long term residence has been institutionalized so that immigrants will be able to leave from Greece to look for employment in another EU country, without being trapped within Greek borders. This license is given based on the European Directive and is following the European legislation; which is an innovation in immigrant’s issue.

The procedure of accepting young foreigners is changing according to the needs of  the Greek labor market. Additionally, special expedited procedures for entry and residence of foreigners are taking place in order to promote investment and development.

Another prediction of Law Code is concerning the economic crisis and so that long-term unemployed residents in Greece would not necessarily be illegal.

Code is also predicting to family reunification demanding DNA testing to prove the family relationship of the alleged father with the declared son. Ministry officials are noting that this problem has been launched by citizens of countries where polygamy is permitted.

Under EU Law, the man has the right to bring all of his children whereas to display only one of his wives. In many cases, the phenomenon of presentation of numerous minors as minors of legal residents had been observed in many European countries.

According to officials of the Interior Ministry, Greece has currently been given 540,000 residence permits and have fallen by 40,000 over last year. Exceptionally, 7.600 permits are given for humanitarian reasons.