Spiros Latsis and the Prince of Bahrain Talk Business

husain-bahrain-prince-05022012Even though the financial crisis has hit Greece, the business discussions still exist. Every day, rich men arrive in our country in order to discuss or think about their investments. At the end of September, the Prince of Bahrain Salman, Bin Hamad al Khalifa was in Greece for three days. His visit aimed to discuss with the richest Greek, Spiros Latsis.

The two men are really good friends. The Prince of Bahrain is known in Greece because he made the best offer that we could expect for the purchase of the former Ellinikon International Airport of Athens. The two friends want to join their forces in order to purchase the former airport of Athens.
At the same time, one of the two British Livingston brothers, was also in Athens for the same reason, to think about the Hellinikon airport. The discussions are in a crucial time, because they try to define the use of the land in Hellinikon. The second part of the competition is scheduled for November 2013.

It’s possible to have an “Arab-Israeli war”. It’s possible to see a consortium between the British company London Regional with the Israeli Elbit, or from the other hand a consortium between the Latsi’s company Lamba with the support of Bahrain or Qatar.


  1. Well there goes the concept of a large green park that is in much need in Athens. More concrete please and cheap 6 story apartments.

  2. Yes Mr. Latsis… go and sell off all of Greece to the Arabs for a few more bribes for PASOK & ND who have already destroyed our nation!

  3. if Greece don’t sell the airport to the arabs then Greece will be stuck in the mud I know its hard for Greece but this is the only way to pay the stupid debit

  4. Let Prince Salman to give back what’s belong to me which has been Stolen from me … Justice, peace & love allover the world .. God bless .. Love, Prince Hashel

  5. Let those DICTATORS OF Bahrain, Qatar and UAE to give back what they been Stolen from me total value of $2.34 Billion, is a shame of them … Justice, peace & love allover the world .. God bless … Love, Prince Hashel